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why dermatologists are the way they are

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many people on this site seem to be skeptical of or outwardly opposed to dermatologists in general. it's understandable, since acne is so frustrating, and we get pissed when a doctor isn't able to quickly cure these little bumps. the problem is, that view is completely retarded.

when i was 18, i copped a skeptical attitude toward my dermatologist and got to enjoy an additional 7 years of acne.

at 25, i now understand what dermatologists can and can't do, and i'm already getting better after the first 2 months of my new treatment because i'm being a good patient for the first time in my life.

the key is to think of your dermatologist as a sort of teammate. a teammate you see for only fifteen minutes once a month, but a teammate nonetheless. you have to work together to improve your skin. choose your doctor like you'd choose a lab partner. you are essentially working together to experimentally determine what treatment will resolve your acne. the doctor suggests a course of treatment, and you have to follow through with scientific rigor to see if it works for you.

the dermatologist knows how acne works in general, and they tell you the basic facts: don't pick, don't stop taking your prescription early, and if it doesn't work we'll try something else until we treat the root cause. that's what it takes to cure acne.

but that level of patience and determination is beyond most teenagers, so the dermatologist gets blamed for the failure of the treatment when the patient gives up.

the fact is that the most powerful person in the dermatologist's office is the patient. the patient alone will decide whether to properly administer their own treatment. the dermatologist can only help as an outside expert. if the patient refuses to work constructively with the doctor, then the doctor is powerless to help them.

that's why dermatologists don't seem to care. they get this abuse from their patients every day. they can tell them the reality of the situation, but after a while they get tired of seeing patients refuse their advice, and they settle into a routine that seems uncaring.

so if you do seek treatment, you should listen carefully to what the doctor says, and ask your own questions about how it works, because the doctor probably won't make an extended effort to win over your heart and mind. the doctor will leave it up to you to succeed or fail at your own treatment because the power is in your hands.

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Thank you. People here write off dermatologists because they spend eight hours a day on the ORG and think they know everything. Yet no one, (or very few people) here went to medical school, and hey, medicine isn't an exact science, so it requires patience.

I agree with everything you said.

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...or they just couldn't care less about you and continue to prescribe you products that ultimately won't work so that you'll keep coming back and continue putting $$$ in their pockets.

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Really? Are they so holy?

Of course, you do make a point... But they aren't all-knowing. We aren't expert either, but there are many factors involved when it comes to acne. Just treating it with random topicals/prescriptions is not always enough. In the end it's just about the money...Same goes with any profession I guess, but that's just another reason why you shouldn't give complete power to them. Yes, consider their advice. Listen to what they have to say, try not to quit medications early. But don't just let them and ONLY them try to fix it, because chances are they won't. They aren't the ones dealing with acne--you are. Most need a more multifaceted approach, whether that includes diet adjustments, supplements, better skincare products or what (in addition to your doctor's prescriptions).

I personally wish that there was an alternative to dermatologists... Like a "skin doctor" who had the certifications/knowledge of a dermatologist and regular doctor, but practiced homepathic approaches etc as well. That would be nice.

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All your post really says is: "Listen to your dermatologist". A lot of people have done that religiously for years and years without getting any results. Your point of view is no less "retarded" than theirs, especially since you bring absolutely no new information.

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