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Thinking about accutane... any opinions?

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Hi. First time posting here.

I first had acne when I was 12, but back then it was nothing. I didn't care very much back then. When I made it to college, my face never looked so bad (moderate acne, many white heads). It didn't affect my social life unlike many people. I bet most of my friends notice my acne and probably talk about it when I am away, but they consider me a great guy and usually act like I didn't have anything or as if they didn't care that much - talking about girls in this case. I usually act normally as if I didn't have anything. Thankfully it doesn't bother me that much. But I don't like the idea of having acne. Right now I'm 20 and even if it did get slightly better my face still looks messed up. I went to 4 different derms so far and I wouldn't go there if my mother didn't "force" me. I tried some anti-acne treatments, none worked very well. I once took medications and it made me better, but it never cleared and I had to stop. I don't really know what type of medication it was as I don't remember. I had to stop because I suffered some side effects and could only finish the first part of the treatment.

Right now my backs and my chest are full of acne (better than when I was 17, but it spreaded a lot). I don't know if it's me but I was getting better until this current breakout. It does bother me a bit because I'd rather not have it, obviously ](*,) The last derm I talked to (four years ago) told me I should try accutane. My mother didn't like the idea and I never did anything after that. Three years without doing anything. I casually came across this site a few weeks ago and it called my attention again. It actually reminded me that I still have acne... Since my mother doesn't even like to talk about my acne anymore as if she didn't care because she probably expects I clear up naturally I decided to take action by myself after arguing with her once. I am more than old enough to know what I want to do unlike back then, so I am going to try out something to at least make my face look better. I am going to a derm again, and if it doesn't work this time I will not care about my acne anymore. Is accutane the best choice, considering I have moderate acne ? My face is always red and I have many white heads and a few bumps when It gets bad.

Sorry for writing such a long story. I really would enjoy a couple of answers. I am still studying and I don't think my parents will support me that much, so I want to make sure I take the best action. Thanks everyone.

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In my opinion, if you have back/chest/along with face and or neck acne, its pretty severe.

I define moderate as just quite a bit of active facial acne.

First try some form of oral antibiotic, and if your not satisfied, then accutane.

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Personally, I wouldn't go on accutane unless i had exhausted all other options. If you are serious about using it, be sure to do plenty of research before you see your derm. Reading the regimen logs of other people who have used it, here and all over the web, would be a good start.

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If you read my previous posts, you'll see that I'm a big beliver in accutane. For me it was a life-changing experience - for the better.

Before accutane, I suffered for 15 yrs with varying degrees of cystic acne.

Nothing my derm gave me helped. After accutane I have no cystic acne, although I do get minor acne flare-ups now & then. If you take it under a doctors care you should be ok. Good luck!

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antibiotics are waste of time, and almost always help for less than couple of months, if topical tretinoin ( or other vitamin A derivitives) did not work out for u go on accutane.

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Good to hear you're ready to eradicate all your acne.

It seems like your opinion of your acne isn't that bad as to limit you from living your life to the full. Therefore, I would not recommend you go on accutane just yet, as the side effects can be quite potent.

Instead, check out the Regimen for this site: www.acne.org/regimen.html

If you follow that EXACTLY on your face, you should clear up nicely.

For your back and body, get yourself a 10% Benzoyl Peroxide wash and use it daily and you should clear up there too.

Once you have exhausted all possibilities, it's time to go on Accutane.

Hope this helps mate.

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I agree with asdf & jamesbooker. BP never worked for me, and putting

all that crap on your face daily really is a pain in the a**. Besides, for a lot of people, that crap doesn't do sh**!

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I suggest accutane, Im only 16 and did it already. i only had moderate acne, not a lot at all and now im totally clear. dont be scared of accutane all it is is high doses of vitamin A, thats all. i was so scared before i started, the only side effect i had was chapped lips. i had tried antibiotics for two years and its better to do something about it now then later becasue SCARS. well good luck. :)

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