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"adrenal support" supplements

in addition to seeing a traditional dermatologist, i've been going to an acupuncturist. i told him that i have panic attacks at night and insomnia. he gave me two supplements to take for what he called "adrenal support." the supplements are phosphorylated serine and "orchex." orchex is a nasty capsule containing ground up livers, brains, and testicles of various animals. of course, i only found that out yesterday, well after starting to use it. lol

anyway, taking these two supplements, along with melatonin at night, has been making me sleep upwards of 12 hours every night, without panic attacks. i know that good sleep is important to skin health, so i'm wondering if anyone else has heard of this or used it, and whether it's safe to use long term.

my skin has been clearing up, probably due to the dermatology treatment, but surely this sleep has been helpful as well.

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melatonin saved my life.

when you are stressed your body burns amino acids for energy as it expects to fight or flight, many neurotransmitters are made out of amino acids this is why depression sets in. melatonin is made from serotonin and serotonin is made from tryptophan, an amino acid. For this very reason i make sure a get good qualty proteins in my diet as well as taking melatonin at night. Eggs are a very good complete protein to eat, if you dont drink milk.

Im also going to an endocrinologist to get some blood tests for cortisol levels and other crap in my blood. If i am low then i may be prescribed hydrocortisone(cortisol) pills.

Interestingly enough cortisol is an anti-inflammatory.

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