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Learn from my lesson..

So to put a long story short, I started Differin in the beginning of October 2006, (with moderately-severe acne) by January 2007 I was convinced it wasn't working and went back to my dermatologist. He prescribed Ortho tri-cyclen and by June 2007 I was CLEAR! I was so excited and kept on the BC and Differin until this past winter.

By the beginning of January 2008 I went back to my dermatologist and he said since I'm clear I can drop the Differin and the BC should keep me clear. For two weeks I continued clear and then started to break out. I haven't stopped breaking out since, and it has lately gotten worse and the acne on my forehead that has been gone for a solid year has finally returned.

I've tried a few OTC topicals including BHA and Aqua Glycolic, to no avail. I'm going to make another derm. appointment and get back on Differin since apparently nothing else works. I will have to wait out Differin for a long freaking time apparently for it to work, but it's worth it at this point.

I'm posting this to give people hope that maybe Differin can help them, they just have to be very patient and be willing to wait at least 6 months for results. Yes, I know not everybody's skin is the same..

I also want people to maybe see that dropping things after becoming clear can be risky, and if the acne returns don't hesitate returning to whatever was working for you! Wish I woulda thought of that before it got this bad.

Hope my story can help somebody out there..

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