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Pimple forming food and time

Ok. I've read in books and online how it can take 2-3 weeks for anyone to even see a pimple form so why am I always reading that they can break out from a specific food hours after or even 1 night?

This isn't true, right?

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I've always thought it has something to do with a pimple that has already formed weeks ago under the skin, and when you eat something that doesn't agree with you, you aggravate the pimple and it pops up within a few hours? I don't know, I've always thought it went like that.

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there are lots of different pimples, so it makes sense that there could be variety in their causes.

it also makes sense that pimples are already formed and just waiting for some external trigger to make them inflamed and noticeable.

however, to associate a specific food with a specific pimple that becomes visible a few hours later is like associating black cats and bad luck... it's usually a trick of the mind. a person might feel guilty about eating something, then they see their next pimple as punishment for their guilt. some of those people evangelize this belief and go on rants about how food can cause instant breakouts.

however, in my years of experience breaking out, i actually have had one type of instant break out. it has happened enough times to demonstrate that it isn't a fluke:

when i go into a stressful social situation, big white pimples can form within hours. these are very shallow pimples, and they're not red, unlike my usual outbreaks. they must form the way scarlett087 suggested... there was a pimple forming there, and the stressful event triggered it into becoming visible. because they are big and white, my best guess is that some kind of immune response kicks in because of stress, causing the invisible pimple to swell up with fluid and white blood cells.

this type of quick-forming pimple is unique in appearance, and so i would want to know whether this is the type that forms in these people who get acne within hours of eating a specific type of food. if not, if they get normal breakouts, then it could very well be a coincidence.

and who knows, maybe there are a whole bunch of other types of mystery zits that even i haven't experienced...

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SOmetime i get acne out of nowhere , it hurts though

If it hurts that mean it formed in 1 day around

Sometime i search around my face to see if i have little acne..

and i see it.. i wait 2 weeks less and they form. :(

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