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I was also excited to learn that many raw vegans have reported an improvement in eyesight! This does not suprise me at all! When I was looking at the nutrient density of fruit and vegetables I found out that there is a TON of vitamin A and other eye friendly nutrients in them compared to animal foods. The difference is huge! No wonder people notice there vision seems more clear! All along people have been telling us that vitamin a is good for our eyes and lutein.. well once you start eating those foods everyday of course your body is going to have the raw materials to nourish those eye cells! It makes sense.

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There has been cases where some raw vegans have noticed there eyesight has got worse. I believe it could be because of eating too many of one kind of fruit! Especially if that one kind of fruit is high in sugar. That is why I said we need to eat a big variety of fruit and vegetables so that we get enough calories, but a wide range of nutrition! This is definately the way to live. In this way we are eating in moderation, but also eating for the best possible nutrition on planet earth! It should make sense that fruit and vegetables are mostly made up of water,vitamins, and minerals and so is our body! Perhaps people feel a decrease in there energy levels because they are not consuming enough water, vitamins, and minerals and the food they eat does not have fiber which pushes it through the body... If your body gets backed up then it could cause all kinds of problems just like a septic tank.. Oh boy!

A wide range of nutrition would include Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds, Seaweed, Herbs, Superfoods, Fermented Foods, and some good whole live supplements! Don't forget to eat enough calories for energy! You need energy to thrive and grow!

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