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Accu-Diary Guy

Accutane Week One update

So I started July 1 taking Accutane 40mg/2xday. I was so scared to try it after reading most of your posts. But I was at the frustration point and decided with my derm to give it a shot. I have mild to moderate acne with anywhere from 5-10 papules at any given time. Mostly on the forehead and temples, occasionally cheeks and folliculitis bumps/nodules on the back of my head just at the base of the hairline as well as on my neck and chest. All previous stuff didn't work, but lessened duration usually. But nothing would get rid of it.

So I started Accutane. So far after one week I'm starting to notice clearer skin, no new bumps!!! And (knock on wood) no side effects so far. My lips aren't even really all that dry. I'm drinking tons of water, avoiding the sun mostly (which sucks in Los Angeles-so nice outside right now).

When do side effects usually start kicking in? Do the happen for everyone? Or do some people take this with little to no bad reaction?

Thanks Guys

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Well first off, congrats on the Accutane. For the most part, I'm sure you'll be happy and relieved now that you're on it.

I was on 2 courses of Accutane in my early twenties, 40mg twice a day same as you. If I remember correctly, I think it took approximately 2 weeks to start seeing any noticeable side-effects. The main side effects I experienced were, extreme drying of the lips and inside of the nose. So it'd probably be wise to invest in some chapstick.

Good luck!

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