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Derma Roller 0.25mm; advice please

Hi, I have reasonably bad scarring across my cheeks and forehead, chin and some on my nose.

I don’t think I have many ice-pick scars, as my skin isn’t very bumpy to the touch, but to the eye there is a lot of dark and black marks which look terrible. It is the result of three years of severe acne.

My dermatologist says that there is scarring tissue there but being in the UK; dermos don’t help so much with scarring as they do with acne as it is a less imminent problem.

Anyway, I recently bought a derma roller, only 0.25mm as my scarring isn’t as bad as the people who need 2mm ones! I would simply like advice on how to use it and with which treatment.

At the moment, I simply use bio-oil as it helped a friend and all the chemical peels and harsher treatments have never helped and only leave me redder and in a lot of pain! But should I try something now that my derma roller is on the way?

Thank you very much. :)

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a 0.25mm roller isn't going to improve atrophic (indented) scarring. If you are using it for the discolouration then it will and using something like copper peptides/retinoids/terproline are all options. All the info you need is on this forum though so do a search. basically you roller is simply going to increase the results you would get from a topical treatment, it won't by itself induce collagen production.

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Yes. It won't help your scars - even if they're mild. But it can increase the absorption of topicals (like retin-A, Vit C ,etc. )These are known to help skin heal itself somewhat. They help a little, but not much for scars.

I use the .25 and a 1.m. The .25 I use with vit C I mix fresh every time.

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Thanks for the replies. :)

I'm sure the bigger needles will help with scarring but will need to be pressed in so hard under anesthetic and most probably only by a professional.

The 0.25 doesn't hurt so much that I need an anesthetic but hopefully it will make my tropical treatments more effective.


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In reference to your question, I think the previous replies addressed

your concern accordingly, however I think that in your case a 0.5mm

one will do the trick, I Have recently used a 0.5mm roller on my cheeks

last thursday night, and it remained red till tonight which

would be 2.5 days later but I have seen dramatic improvement in my

skins texture, elasticity, and the small prick marks have been filled, with

the exception of the larger ice pick scars, which I will continue to treat

as required.

So yeah, I highly suggest 0.5mm, if you want to go any higher than

that then brace yourself and set aside 1 WEEK for recouperation, because

your face will look like a balloon, or the treated areas anyway.

and BTW, BUY SOME NEODYMIUM MAGNETS!!, least 10-20 of them, they cost

around $1.50 per little rod magnet, so that'll be less than $30, and place it

on your face Post Treatment. Too bad I didn't think of it the NIGHT I did my

treatment, but I did think of it the 3rd day and I must say it reduces Inflammation

and redness significantly, after being placed on the skin and held there for an hour or

so in different locations.

Hope this helps.

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