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I've been fighting mild acne ever since my early teens, and my skin finally started to get better nearly a month ago. Therefore, yesterday in the morning it was perfectly clear, except with some minor bumps under my skin, probably clogged pores which weren't inflamed and were too small for a inexperienced human eye to see, even with the best lights at the smallest distance.

As it goes, I've been playing water polo for nearly five years now, and it's a brutal sport - kinda like rugby in the water, except that nobody except for the players and maybe an underwater cam can see what's happening down there. And I'm thankful, because the sport itself gave me awesome physical features, with strong and at the same time resistant muscles. As we all know, the sea is an isotonic liquid, so when the skin is submerged under salty sea water, most of the "bad" things get out of it. A good example would be the fingertips, and most of you will notice the changes on them.

I'm the center (position), so I always have to break through their defense and score, which hurts and I always get some scarring.

But after this match, my face was full of red spots (isotonic extractions) and scars from their defense.

I plan on using some products which help scars regrow into normal skin in a few days, but I'm not going out today except for going to the shop to buy some food and I might go for a walk/footie with my friends from the block.

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ouch, water polo defence seems brutal, good luck bro with healing the scars and stuff. I never played water polo in my life hahaha

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