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Accutane: Day 5 (feat. a brief history and other nonsense)

Accutane- Week 1- Day 5

A brief history: The occasional pimple would intrude on me during my teenage years, but when I hit 19 it began to seriously worsen. Over the next few years I tried several treatments including differin, retin-a, facials, glycolic peels, topical antibiotics, minocycline, and septa. No luck. Most recently, at my currrent age of 22, I've developed cystic acne. That about brings us up to date.

Now, this cystic business simply does NOT fly with me. It's all sorts of uncool for reasons that go far beyond the constant facial itching, soreness, and obvious embarrassment of having your face look like a rosy little mountain range. I can call to mind a few mental snapshots that might illustrate the power acne has claimed over my own personal self esteem and overall happiness. Shall we take a glance at the album? There's me going through a full day of work with a turtleneck pulled up to meet my nose (darned necessity to breathe- it would certainly have been higher!). There I am declining an invitation to go out because a break out was simply too intense. Oh look- that's a good one of the man I love kissing me while I squirm with worry about how it's going to affect my skin. And of course, here's a whole collection of shots of me crying on various dates, in various locations, for the saaame reason.

I heard horrible things about the side effects of accutane, so when my new dermatologist suggested it, I silently shuddered and politely declined. I spent that visit receiving 10 feel-good injections of cortisone into different cysts on my face, a prescription for an antibiotic called septa (which put very stylish polka dotted decor on my arms and legs when I had an allergic reaction to it- woo-hoo!), and not surprisingly, a whole mess of tears.

Fast forward past my research, change of heart about accutane, pledge against the fertilization of my eggs, successful blood tests, and super A+ on the where-do-babies-come-from quiz iPLEDGE gave me: and here we are today.

This is week 1- day 5 of my affair with isotretinoin (generic accutane). So far, so good. Apparently, the drug has anti-inflammatory properties, which I would say I'm already benefitting from. A few random pimples have surfaced, and several pre-existing ones have already begun to dry out. Those areas are very flaky. Chest and backne are chilling out. Also, the psoriasis on my elbows seems much calmer! Lips... very... dry... AH! But it's a small price to pay. After a brief trial, the verdict's in: Aquaphor RULES, Chapstick DROOLS. Vaseline's okay, too. Any suggestions on a good cleanser? Is all that oil free stuff going to be too drying now?

Also, I have to mention that reading the blogs on this site has been extremely helpful. Thank you to everyone who has shared their story on this site. It's so important to feel connected to people who are going through the same shyte as you. Wishing you all the best and sending you love and light!

Thanks for listening to me babble,


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