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Finished Accutane yesterday!

I finally finished my sixth and last month of Accutane, 40mg/twice a day, yesterday. As far as cysts go, I've had maybe four of them (more like big whiteheads) since starting, but not on my face. I'm pretty thrilled with the results, and literally after the first week I haven't had to do anything to my skin except wash it with a mild facial cleanser with SA, and moisturize at night. Here are some of my experiences/advice during my six months:

1. You really need to moisturize your lips and skin, and drink as much water as you can possibly handle.

2. Don't pick, your skin takes forever to heal.

3. This stuff has really dried my hair, and I'm sure it has thinned a bit (I have very thick hair, but I see a lot more hair around the sink). My hair and beard also seem to grow much faster.

4. The body aches have been the worst thing about the Accutane. I'm pretty active, and some days I feel like I've been hit by a truck.

5. Overall I've felt kind of worn out a lot, almost like running a continuous low-grade fever for six months. For someone predisposed, I can see how depression could come on.

6. My skin is very easily injured, and I notice all kinds of little cuts on my hands.

Well, I'm not sure I could do another treatment, so I'm crossing my fingers!

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I work out 5 days a week and the other 2 I run, would the Accutane inhibit this? I'm 15 and may be starting Accutane in a week....Was it worth it? What were your results like?

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I never had any of the body aches or 'low grade fever' when I was on it and i was fairly active at the time, I guess it just depends on the person. I just had the dry skin/lips/hair (i didnt notice any thinning either)

As for my results they were perfect, I was 100% clear. It didnt last though sad.gif

I hope things work out for you

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i do heavy weightlifting (16 years old) and i've been on accutane for 5 weeks and i don't get anyone body aches unless the muscle is ripped.

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