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Well I have to say this site has gotten me thru alot of pain and ugliness of the aftermath of an all natural 10% glycolic acid lotion!!!! wasnt even really a peel,I have been dealing with the occasional one or two blemishes since my twenties and now I see how obsessed I was with perfection :naughty: The lotion litterally burned my skin off and I used 5% first to acclamate my skin to the higher concentrate,I did all this for two unoticable to others scars soooooooooooooooooooooo stupid I broke out bad for at least 4 months only in the areas my skin burned off my chin and cheeks.I am just now getting things under control and its been 6 months,the Dans technique has helped me recover, although I do not Use BP due to its Drying but with my own products and stopped SCRUBBING with microdermabrasion which unknowingly to me was what was making my acne worse :wall: duh im so mad at myself for torturing myself.

Although Glycolic Acid my benefit some I just want to put it out there how it can affect some of us.

Well I had a 5 day vacation and it has helped me focus more on whats important in life my fiance says it was a lesson to be learned that I should not be so vain he is the best he supported me the whole way, I am almost 100% clear mostly red marks, BE GENTLE is my remedy ,I was so rough with my skin and being gentle without harsh ingredients is what is restoring my skin,I will only take the gentle approach for the minor scars left behind,I would love to hear the experience of others using Glycolic Acid so I dont think its only me.I would post pictures of my skin at its worst but i have none I could barelly look in the mirror,but all that has changed

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I'm not sure why say it wasn't a peel. Light peels exfoliate. Medium strength peels are supposed to burn your skin off. If you were using other products -like retin-A or differon (sp?) the peel will penetrate more.

Also stay out of the sun for at least a month after a peel it will make things much worse and you may cause more damage to your skin.

I've never used glycolic acid, but I believe it's fairly mild compared to TCA.

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Yeah thank you for the good info, never used any perscription topicals or meds in my life The kicker is I bought it at a health food store from a natural skin care line,didnt think it would be as harsh as in a doctors office, but I new it peeled the top layer of skin just didnt anticipate the terrible reaction.No worries about the sun I have avoided it all my life I am really pale so any imperfection stands out, but I will tell you that stuff scared me straight only natural from here on out........thanks again for the good advice

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