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Hey started Isotretinoin 15 days ago for my moderate acne, occasional medium sized cyst which left scars mainly on my face and some on my back. I also have very oily skin even without moisturiser and was using Dans regimen before being put on Accutane.

Had acne since I was 13/14 and a course for 3months of Erythromycin cleared my acne completely for a few weeks before it started coming back and nothing else worked since then.

I'm on 70mg a day alternating 60/80 of 20mg capsules to make 70 a day. I'll be taking this amount for 16 weeks I think, unless they decide to up the dose. Unfortunatly it'll eat into 3 weeks of my start of uni so ill miss alot of the freshers week fun due to been all dry n stuff :cry:

Anyways after 15 days i've pretty much dried out, I think, round my nose and my lips are really dry and have to apply Vaseline on a morning and moisturise that area a couple of times a day to i dont start flaking. My face is also really red except around my eyes which makes me look sunburned while wearing glasses! My scalps also started to flake abit which with dark hair shows up alot!

Feel really tired alot of the time too, found i've been sleeping 12 hours a day sometimes, but havnt experienced any other side effects so far *hopes* I have along way to go yet though, i'll keep this updated when I get chance.

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I'm at my 4 week mark now and though I have along way to go, I dont feel too bad.

My skins not producing oil anymore even when moisturised I touch my skin and my fingers dont come off all shiny like they used to!

I'm not really really dry either, dunno if it'll get worse or not but i've mostly been applying moisturiser on a morning and abit around my lips and nose later on in the day and thats been all I've needed to do. My lips need vaseline a fair amount through the day however but only every 3-5 hours or so.

My arms however are completely dry lol, to the extent I have a sort of eczema on the upper arms and shoulders where its all red and dry. I use E45 lotion to take this off but its still red without the dryness.

If I had to pick the worst thing so far it would be the tiredness! I like to get up earlyish so I can do more with my days but if I get up say 8 in the morning i want to go back to sleep by 10 lol! Usually after i've been to the gym i'll sleep right through from say 11 till 11 without even waking up, ive slept through about 3 alarms and woken up with my beeping alarm clock in my hand once! Random.

Not sure if my eyes are starting to dry out but they feel, weird, kind of like my visions funny but I can still see perfectly! I've had no IB to speak of, a few tiny whiteheads have broken out but have been gone in less than a day, though I do have lots of red marks with bumps underneath the surface which I think are spots starting to come through :(

i'll update a week or before then if there are any new developments!


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