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anyone ever heard of Hayoun peelings?

During my search for a good acne scar treatment, I found a guy that performs Hayoun peelings for acne scars. He says that he is one of few persons that perfom this treatment and that he learned it from a specialist called Hayoun.

he put some stuff on youtube (search pieter van vliet), but it's dutch, so i'll explain some of it.

The hayoun peeling is a natural peeling. you'll get several layers of acids and stuff on your face and that will give a burning sensation. You just get several masks of natural acids on your face. after the treatment (2 hours) your upper skin will slowly die. After a whole week the dead skin will fall off and your face will be covered with new, fresh skin and the scars should be improved a lot.

I think it's really cool that it's a natural treatment. he uses very strong natural acids, but the condition of your face can never worsen, 100% sure he says. So it's a lot saver than lasers and stuff.

I had contact with some people that were treated with this, and they were all very happy with the results. He said he was very happy that he was treated by this man. I think it really works if they say this, knowing that the procedure costs around €700, so around $1100.

Strange thing is that I never heard of this treatment on the board. The treatment sounds very promising and I wanna go for it, but maybe it's just another joke. But maybe the treatment really is very rare and am I a lucky man to have this doctor in my country...

like to hear from ya,


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