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Dan's Regimen and blackheads

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When I started using the BP on my whole face daily in the mornings, I noticed within a few days that my nose looked a lot clearer. As I stated in another post I'm not sure if it just bleached the blackheads or somehow removed them but it has actually kind of worked thus far. Prior to the BP application my nose was sooooooo nasty. I had blackheads everywhere all over my nose. I tried blackhead scrubs, salicylic acid, tretinoin/vitamin A acid for months, facial steaming, and biore strips but nothing worked. It always looked clearer for like a few minutes and then BAM it's back. However, since I've started applying the BP once daily for 2 weeks now, I've seen a lot of improvement with my blackheads. Even after cleansing my face my nose still looks somewhat clear of blackheads. So, has anyone else seen improvement with their blackheads using BP? If yes, then did the blackheads come back with full force if you stopped applying BP? Thanks.

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I'm also trying to figure this out. I started Dan's Regimen a little over three weeks ago and I've not seen much improvement on my blackheads, which are all over my t-zone (thanks to a terrible product I used from MAC years ago). Once my skin got used to the BP and stopped flaking, several of the blackheads swelled into little red pimples that faded after a day or two, but most of them still appear entirely unaffected.

I've been searching around the site though and finally found this link in which Dan gets someone to recommend a regimen specifically for non-inflamed acne:

Laura's non-inflamed acne regimen

Since the AHA Dan sells (and which I bought) is 10% glycolic acid, I'm going to try a version of this regimen (minus the scrubbing and the toner -- my skin is too sensitive for that right now).

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