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Hey Everyone,

Dan's regimen has kept me clear for a solid year now, and worked where prescriptions and other things would not. i get the occasional pimple, but usually just one at a time, and they go away quickly.

however, my skin complexion as a whole frustrates me. there are times when i have smooth skin, with even color, tone, and moisture, and there are times when its dull, blotchy, red spots, rough, etc. it seems to vary every few weeks or so.

i cant seem to figure out what causes it, as it changes independent of the seasons, and independent of the chemicals i use on my face. i keep my regimen steady, and my diet is pretty consistent.

can anyone reccomend a good moisturizer for improving one's general complexion, or perhaps suggest a cause for the change?

i am currently using cetaphil cleanser day and night, BP in the morning and night, and moisturizing with cetaphil facial moisturizer in the mornings.



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I was using BP for a year and had problems with blotchy skin red marks too. I used multi-vitamin acne treatment (neutrogena). It has SA so I slowly switched from BP to SA. After a year on this multi-vitamin stuff, I had to go back to BP because sometimes my skin is too oily. But I remember people posting about this multi-vit product...and they were generally positive comments biggrin.gif

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i actually bought some of that a few months ago, and used it for a few weeks. it evened out my skin tone a little, but i got new pimples much more frequently. maybe ill try it again and see what happens.

thanks for the tip,


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I think the answer might lie in your choice of moisturizers. 2 things:

1. Check out an alpha hydroxy moisturizer like Eucerin Renewal.

2. Moisturize twice a day.

I think actually point 2 is the more important of the two. Keep your face hydrated. And don't worry about more moisturizer aggravating acne. It won't.


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Hi guys,

At my last microdermabraison appt, the nurse recommended that I change my moisterizer because it might have been clogging my pores. I was using Neutrogena Oil Free Moisterizer for combination skin. So, she gave me samples of Medicalia oil free moisterizer for oily skin and it was AMAZING!! i used it for 2 weeks and the difference was obvious because my skin wouldnt get oily late in teh day and no new bumps woudl appear (the clogged pores) When you put it in on, it definitely moisterizes but leaves your face matte and SMOOTH. my face doesnt get oily during the day, as it did with the neutrogena. You only need to use a little bit all over your face. at your next dermatolgist appt, ask your derm about it. I"m sure they all know. Or check out their website http://www.medicalia.com/welcome.html

let me know if anyone has ever tried this or have comments.


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using a good moisterizer is definately a good idea for your overall complexion.

People are always told to use an oil-free moisterizer or they will break out, but this is not the case. I've used many different moisterizers and the best ones are not "oil-free" I have really sensitive and can break out easily, but I use a moisterizer with "oil" in it and it keeps me clear with a fresh complexion.

Months ago, on Dan's regimine, someone said that i probably had never gotten a pimple in my life, which I pretended was true. sshhhh!! Oh yeah, I use Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisterizer.

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