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I've been trying very hard to work through my cravings and eat healthy but I just broke down...

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I've been doing much better than I used to, with many minor mistakes here and there but today I just totally lost it. I looked in the mirror and felt that my skin looked like shit so I decided to fuck everything and pigged out on all the stuff I was trying to eliminate to be acne-free (gluten, dairy, and soy). I ate all of this:

3 mozzarella cheese rolls dipped in tobasco sauce

1/2 of an angel food cake

and a couple handfuls of m+m's

=( I didnt really enjoy them either and I feel worse now. Even worse still I just looked in the mirror and realized my skin DOES look better, it looks more clear and radiant, I just have a few zits. Now Im worried Im going to wake up tomorrow at square one. Im so depressed. Is there anything I can do to help lessen the damage I've caused? Like eating a bunch of veggies and water?

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Im just gonna be straightforward with you. You have some stress/anxiety issues and you said your self depression you need to fix in order to be successful. The reason your gonna breakout now is because for one, your stressed about it and anxious about it(which directly will cause it) and you have already visualized, though and focused on yourself breaking out, so it will be so.



Until you fortify yourself mentally, this whole diet thing will cause you a lot of stress and anxiety that just cause more breakouts.

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I know how you feel..

I had some potatoe chips a whole big bag last week, plain..I COULD not resist them..

then ,next thing you know, I was sick as heck!!

So, yeah, just make sure you dont keep caving in...and dont be too paranoid...

I find I am paranoid about everything I eat...which we sort of should be...however just focus more on the healthy/good foods you are gonna stick to for good...and hey, if you do break out, ar least you know where it was from ;) ..

so you know NOT, to make that mistake again!!

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Everyone cheats occasionally, dont beat yourself up over it, just pick yourself up and go on with it. Learning to prepare some healthy alternative comfort foods will help you out whenever you have cravings for something sweet or what not.

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So you fell off the band wagon... just get back on and keep pressing forward.

I have been doing the health thing for the past 2 years. I cannot begin to count how many times I cheated with whole pints of ice cream, entire pizza pies, cakes, chips, etc.

What matters most is that you put it behind you and remain healthy. Don't give up. You will eventually see a difference in your skin and overall body.

Having a strong sense of mind and peace is also important. Never tell yourself you are going to break out. Feel good about your decisions even if you mess up. It's all part of the process :angel:

Good luck!

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Don't worry , it is ok to eat junks sometime..

Like july 4th i bet lots of people cheated.


Unless your allergic or get bad acne then avoid it

if u dunno if it gives u break out or if u only gert 1-2 acne small ones.. just eat it.


don't stress... be happy inside ^^

I ate Lots of pork , white rice my mom used corn oil...

better then junks , my mom adds veggies , season etc which makes it healthier..

my face looks so clear now.. going to be mad if i get break out , and no i am not stressing lol

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dont worry about it.. stressing will just cause more acne. be easy on yourself.. your human!

this whole acne diet thing is actually a blessing. the foods that you are avoiding aren't good for your whole system, that's why you show a sensitivity to it. the more you stick to the good energy foods, the better you will feel and it will show on your skin.. it's gonna take time though.

i've been sticking to mine for about 2 months.. then yesterday i had a bagel/creamcheese.. ohhhh man did it get my sick to my stomach/really tired... never again.

dont fight yourself or the acne...(it's like when your swimming and get stick in a current, if you fight it you drown, don't drown yourself in guilt, lifes to short) just realize that your human and our culture has grown up eating the wrong foods for your body. it is gonna take alot of slips/mistakes.. till you finally say naw... i don't need that.. and eat peach instead of angel food cake.. believe peaches and nectarines in the summer are way better tasting.

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