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lost angel

My simple acne routine

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Hi! :D

I used to have a very complicated routine to get rid of my acne and I used to stress a lot for every bump I had. :doh:

A while ago I decided to simplify things a little bit, so I no longer use : toner, cotton pads (I think those two can be irritants in long term), foundation (most of them breake me out and I haven't quite found the right tehnique to apply them in order to make my face look natural).

So, now the steps I take every day for my face are :

morning :

- wash with gentle cleanser (finish with cold water & dry)

- light cream, non-comedogenic

- apply very little concealer on the spots that are really visible (use a normal mirror for that ;) )

- maybelline pure pressed powder (doesn't break me out and looks very natural)

evening :

- wash with gentle cleanser (finish with cold water & dry)

- very little cream based on erythromycin only on the spots that are visible (is not a habit, i rarely do that 'cause now I don't have to anymore, I get bumps just once in a while )

This works for me :dance:

I think that using few products can be a solution, because our skin is less damaged by so many harmful combinations of ingredients.

I started this topic to share our simplified routines and the products that we got rid of in time.

So... I'm curious what products you threw to your garbage. Share! :D

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My regimen is also simple. I use to have a challenging procedure involving dietary changes as well as the use of expensive topical treatments. However now I only use Cetaphil cleanser on my face twice a day and take herbal supplements. :dance:

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