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I have been suffering from hormonal acne for years .. sometimes it's not bad.. other times its overwhelming. I have started Yasmin birthcontrol to see if that helps with my skin, but in the meantime I have been trying to clear the surface while Yasmin works on the inside. I have been using Pro Activ for years ... it's pretty effective but it's NOT a magical system for me. I started off using it as a system .. all 3 or 4 steps and my skin went WHACKO .. It did nothing positive for my skin at ALL. I than quit using it, but went and bought just the MASK because I realized that it works well overnight on pimples. Than after awhile I decided to just try the cleanser and mask and not use the toner or repairing lotion and my skin cleared up well. During this time I was also on birthcontrol : Ortho Lo. My skin was beaaautiful and than I made the dumb mistake of trying MURAD .. badd mistake. My skin OVERNIGHT turned into a disaster. So the lesson I learned was stick with what works and don't try to change it.

So as of now .. I have been using Pro Activ - cleanser and mask.. Biore Pore Minimizing Scrub every other day in the shower ..Neutrogena Mosturizer for oily skin.. and Rapid Release 8hr Spot Treatment.. I noticed that my skin was overall getting smoother and dewy but I kept getting white heads and these little bumps eveywhere. It was frustrating me and making me feel like crap.

So im at the gas station and this dude approaches me and says "you are a beautiful girl, what do you use for those bumps on your skin?"

I was kind of shocked that a stranger would say that to me.. so I didnt really speak and I think he could tell that I was embarrassed about my skin. He than told me about B&C Skin Tight. He said his brother had really bad acne and it cleared it up for him. I said yeahh ive heard of that but isnt it for razor bumps? He said TRUST me use it on your face and you will thank me.

I went and bought it at a local African American beauty supply .. 13.99 for a small bottle.

Did my research.. and it said online.. for Acne use it 2-3 times a day and when your skin gets smooth use it once a day.

WELL .. ive been using it for 4 days now .. along with the rest of my regimin .. following the directions on the container. AND i'm happy to say that all those white heads and little bumps are ALL just going away .. :clap: I am so excited I could just cry. haha .. But yea ACNE IS NOT MY HOMIE. We do not get along and never will.

Anyways I will update on my progress.

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Yeah you are right.. haha .. but I am attributing this almost overnight success. To the B&C Skin Tight .. Eventually I want to just clean my face with a cleanser, apply Skin Tight, and apply a mosturizer and thats it. AND it loooks like that will be happening very soon because since I posted yesterday my skin has gotten wayyy smoother.. this SKIN TIGHT stuff is a God send for me. ALL the active pimples on my face turned into scabs, and when I exfoliate the scabs they come off and leave behind smooth skin. I am so excited that this stuff is working for me. ONE thing about this product that stood out from the rest was when I researched about it .. it said the phrase "when your acne clears up after a couple days reduce to once a day to prevent acne from returning" I dont usually buy into the promises but it seems like they just know it will kill the active acne.. and its working great for me.. It also says if your allergic to ASPRIN don't use SKIN TIGHT.. so theres a heads up for anyone.

When I first started B&C Skin Tight I tested it on my forehead. I had 3 new active pimples on my forehead and i figured if it caused a breakout or reaction I could just wear a hat for a couple days. WELL .. to my amazement from the moment I put it on it started to dry and shrink.. than the next day 3 pimples were now 3 scabs.. and that night the scabs fell off while I exfoliated to reveal a completely smooth forehead!! Once my skin completly clears than I will work on fading some of these discolarations but for now .. im making progress.

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i see that its formulated with Tea Oil & Willow Bark Extract, HM!

anyway, yeah most of the people throw in like 5 things to get rid of it, but in reality only 2 of those are the working products, so just try to narrow it down, eventually ;) itll save you a lot of money too.

try to take a progress snapshot or something now, and compare it with one taken in 2 weeks from now.. then u can really see if it worked.. :)

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thanks ..

yeah you are right ! Narrowing it down will save me tons of money and time. I just hope that the birthcontrol I am taking will change my skin from the inside so that I will have less oil on my face to start with and less breakouts (since my acne is hormonal). I see your on Accutane .. I thought of doing that but it seemed kind of risky.. and my Dr wouldn't prescribe it to me before I tried the whole shabang of prescriptions they have to offer.. I guess Accutane is like the last resort. How is that working for you?? I hear it can make you look like you never had acne..

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Accutane works like no other.. sure it'll dry out your lips/eyes but hey it's worth it. .. it CAN also have effect on your liver, but that doesn't happen for most people.. just make sure you have your blood tested every month, and drink a crapload of water.

Some people say it also causes depression, but i don't believe this, because ACNE causes depression.. :)

Accutane basically gets rid of ANY acne, including the extreme cases. After about 3-4 months you'll be completely acne free...and for most people it'll never return..

For me on the other hand, it returned after a half year being off Accutane, bit by bit. So now i decided to do another Accutane cycle.

Also, I don't pay a dime for Accutane, it's covered by health insurance.

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That is really interesting...I would have never thought of a razor bump treatment to help acne, but it makes sense. My skin is pretty clear now from using (my own version of) Dan's regimen, plus I take Ortho Tricyclen Lo to control my hormonal chin/jawline acne (it was pretty bad). If my acne returns in the future, I will definitely look into buying the B&C Skin Tight. Actually, from time to time I do get a pimple here and there, could I use it for spot treatment?

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Ok to update ..

First off Ms. E yes you can use the skin tight as a spot treatment .. it works wonderrrs!

My skin is clear and getting smoother right now just some acne marks on my cheeks and forhead .. my current regimin is:


1. clean my face with acnefree cleanser.

which is a knockoff of proactiv.

2. use a cotton ball and apply skintight all over my face. let it dry .

3. apply oilfree mosturizer


1. use daily facials cleanser wipes. one side is smooth one side exfoliates.

2. apply skin tight all over my face let it dry.

3. apply AHA Face Cream by Dr. Copeland

which helps smooth skin, and fade the marks on my face.

4. apply oilfree mosturizer

5. use clean and clear acne mask as a spot treatment for any pimples. or if i have the money proactiv refining mask.

I also take Yasmin birthcontrol for my acne too and I am on my 3rd month.

SKIN TIGHT is a miracle for me, it costs about 12 bucks at any beauty supply store

Its made for razor bumps but its does wonders on acne!!

Hope this helps somebody

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