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She always looks so flawless

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Vanessa Hudgens

What the heck does she use :think:

Photoshop. I have only rarely seen anyone with perfect skin naturally. It's very rare. Actors and actresses and others' best friend for marketing is Photoshop. Just look at before and afters that are all over the web. Not only is facial skin made flawless, minor little unnoticeable details such as posture, minimal love handles, tiny little bra bulges, etc, are all airbrushed away. Perfection is simply a commodity and I'm not buying it! :D

I like you. :wub:

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Angelina Jolie has bad skin, sorry but I've seen her in movies with little makeup and it's not very impressive.

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born with good skin. but you know they also go to dermatoligists and get facials, etc. i once saw a pic where she broke out bad on her chin

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She probably has minor flaws, but overall really good skin. I read that her mom looks really young and has that Filipino mom skin (hardly any wrinkles) so she probably has good genetics. And of course with the right makeup anybody can look like a celebrity. I have uneven skin tone and some dark spots from zits that healed, but boy on my wedding day did I look super gorgeous and flawless. Yet when I look at the photos it hardly looked like I had anything on except for eyeshadow and the lipstick. Even though my skin is nowhere bad (i dont have acne anymore save for an occasional zit) it still took 2 hours total, the makeup artist layered on some primer, then liquid foundation (which id ont wear normally, i get by with tinted moisturizer) and powder on top of that. Primer makes a real difference because even if you are not red it still smooths out bumps and makes your makeup go even. and also fills out your pores. So if you had a professional makeup artist (and i mean a professional, not just you doing your makeup by yourself because how we do our own makeup is no comparison to how they do it) standing by everyday and work on you, you'd definitely be gorgeous as well.

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she's young...she has great makeup artists... etc...

but i will agree that whenever i see her, the first thing i notice about her is her skin and skin tone. i wonder what her ethnicity is? i have this girlfriend from honduras and she has LITERALLY flawless, smooth, amazing clear skin.

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Just googled celebrities before photoshop... Daymn! Spefically Britney Murphy (Sorry for thread jacking, it's slightly on topic!)

This thread is super old, but I had to jump on your bandwagon....

Edit: First photo goes weird when I click it, not sure if it's my browser side or what, here is the original source.

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Some people are just born that way .. LUCKY!

.... or maybe it's maybelline.



Skin aside, I'm really digging her eye makeup. How do you think she achieved that look?

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I made this year ago. :P i still think she's super pretty, even without makeup! And even with MU, you can still tell if someone has blemishes or not. No amount of MU will flatten a huge cyst or camouflage a bunch tiny pimples clustered together (i see this a lot in high resolution photos of celebs), unless you want 32827923lbs of MU on your face to look like a wax figure.

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