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Chest and back Acne - The great Identify

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Hey guys!

This is my first post and after reading through sticky's and a few posts it seems that everyone here is very supportive and helpful.

Well to the point. I am 18 years old, I had acne on my back(more up on my shoulders close to my neck in a line from one arm to the other) and on my chest. I didnt scratch it or damage it and after it went away it left these white bumps, its like 30 or 40 little white bumps which are all lifted from my skin. I tried to read through posts and identify what it is but I cant. Im on acnetane, and I have no face acne, a few spots on my arms back and chest, but no "zits", all just red bumps.

My current acne isnt the problem, I would like to treat these bumps that are permanent, so if anyone can help me identify it, ill answer any question regarding my problem.

Ive tried using Bio-Oil which is some local oily type of deal that says it evens skin tone and helps with scars and so forth. It seems to be working a LITTLE bit but ive been using it for 2 years and no visual diffirence to be honest.

I have a complex about it and don't like taking my shirt of infront of my gf and dont like swimming with friends or in public places or even at the beach, I work out alot and I'm well built but its no use since my skin makes the body look so bad and I know how girls are about hygiene and for some reason they think a bad skin is bad hygiene or whatnot.

Thank you very much!

oh and sorry for my weird grammar and way of posting, im quite new to forums!

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those white bumps are raised scars (keloids), usually circular and all different sizes, i really dont know how to treat them, sorry.

i have them as well and would like to know how to get rid of them.

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