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Just thought I'd give an update since my 8 week post. Some of you may remember that I'm the mother of a 15-year-old daughter with persistant moderate to slightly severe acne. She started the DKR on April 1st and showed little if any improvement at the 8 week mark. Very discouraging!!

Actually, she had a severe breakout at 8 weeks (on her temples and forehead) that was very disheartening. Anyway, at about 10 weeks, things started looking up very slowly in SOME areas of her face. I say this because she has acquired moderate acne on areas of her face that she never had acne before starting the regimen. I have read of others on the boards having similar experiences. Not sure if this is due to the free radicals or simply the chemicals weakening the skins natural defenses. Anyway, she mainly had acne on her forehead and chin with mild breakouts across her nose when she began the regimen. Her nose cleared up quickly in the first 4-6 weeks, as did her back and chest (still some non-inflammed acne on her shoulders to contend with). However, the temples (where she'd not previously had acne) broke out terribly and then cleared along with the acne on her forehead in the last 4 weeks. However, her cheeks are still a mess and she never had acne there before May. The cheek breakouts started out slowly and then became worse with some small cysts. These are the areas that she is still working on currently. She has a couple of very small zits on her forhead today and a couple of slightly larger papules on her chin. But the cheeks still have bumps under the skin even though there is no inflammation. Things are definately better at 12 weeks, but not clear! Good luck to all of you on this journey.

We added Paula's Choice BHA at the 4 week mark and have incorporated Paula's Choice AHA also at the 8 week mark. I must say that this is taking way longer than I expected and that I am really sad that we made the lovely skinned areas of her sweet face breakout also. She is left with much red marks to contend with but they are fading well with the exception of the cheeks.

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hi, sorry to hear you're still not seeing results, using bp should not make your skin break out in cyts in other places, i would be just as concerned as you if that was what i was seeing. im glad it seems to be working well on her forehead and body acne, these are positive signs which hopefully mean that the regimen will in time work for the other parts. as you said its looking better i would hope that given a little bit more time she will start to get some clearing, with some (especially imo younger people) it does take a little longer.

if you're not too concerned about these cysts then carry on as you are but they could be a sign of a sensitivity or perhaps too much irritation on the skin? when i used an sa wash with bp (before i found this site) i began to get cysts around my jaw and i think the irritation was a big factor. using bha (salicylic acid) along with bp is very harsh on the skin an could be irritating it causing the cheek problems. did they begin soon after you introduced the bha? its up to you if you continue but i think bp+aha+bha is going to be far too irritating on her skin. by all means continue the aha once a day as this can be really beneficial but id consider dropping the bha at least until she's clear.

another thing, does she wear make up? ive had huge problems with my skin due to wearing the wrong kinds of make up, ie mac concealers. while some people can use them i just dont seem to be able to and i find mineral make up irritates my skin far far less. if she's using liquid make up id have a look around and check out some reviews on it.

i really hope you and your daughter see some more success, she's very lucky to have such a concerned mother looking out for her. keep us posted on how she's doing. good luck

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Thanks Howling Bells, I've really appreciated your advice and kindness. The PC BHA is not irritating in the least. Actually the product seems to CALM her skin irritation that's due to the BP. I use it for exfoliation too and I do not have acne (anymore). It actually seems to moisten your skin a little. The BHA and AHA are alternated daily, not used at the same time. Her skin does not seem to be awfully irritated (compared to most I read about on the boards). Although it is certainly drier than it was before DKR and HAS been peely at times on the regimen. We will persist because I do believe this is more effective (although not great YET) than all the other perscriptive medications (topical and oral) the child has used over the last three years. And, I do believe her acne was on the extreme side of moderate. All that being said, we will persist because I have read some posts where sufferers have taken 5 months to be totally clear. School starts in mid-August, which will be the 19th week on DKR. My hope is that things will be considerably better by then. We have jojoba oil and Dan's new AHA on order and it should be here Monday. So, we are planning to switch things around a little. As to the make-up issue. That's NOT an issue. Heavy Makeup = lip gloss and mascara! in my daughter's opinion. I'll post again in the next month to let everyone know how things are progressing. Blessings.

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