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Accutane and Surgery! Please help!

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Hey Guys,

I'm 4 Months into accutane and all of a sudden things seem great!

I was 100% clear last week and just got a small zit near my chin dismorning.. but its so minor...Im very happy hopw its going :)..

Anyway my Q realtes to cosmetic surgery.

I was born with a mild constriced ear deformity where one top rim over hangs a bit more than the other etc. Probably no one really notices really but I can't help being self conscious about it. I saw a surgeon last year and he can fix it he says.. I really want to get this done asap.. I will all done with tane in august but it sucks that I read you have to wait atleast 6 months post tane before any surgery! I assume this is because wounds take longer to heal while on tane...

Anyway... Just wondering anyone know how strict this 6 month barrier is? anyone else had surgery soon after accutane? Any problems arise? How long did you wait?

Please let me know!


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well i can't speak for everyone else on this but i had surgery done after being off tane for 3 days and had no problem. My body's response to the surgery was fine and the scars are fine. I live in Canada where accutane, although taken seriously, is not seen the same way as elsewhere.

I was hoonest with my doctor and told him i had beenon tane for over a year. He said, stop today and everything will be fine. He is a top doctor here. Everything went without problems and i didn't have to re-start tane as i am now 100% clear.

Most people on here will tell you to wait 6 months. Some doctors wont even consider surgery on you for that duration.

Maybe i got lucky. Like i said, i can only speak of my experience.

ps. it was a major surgery

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