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Found one of my triggers

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So, as I'm sitting here angrily eating my dinner reflecting on the fresh batch of red devils gorging my face after a period of being relative clear... I came to an abrupt and a spit your food out conclusion that... it must be what I'm eating RIGHT NOW... which is soy sauce used as a dressing.

So, after some brief recollection to a period where I was breaking out a lot last winter I realized at that time I was eating soy derivatives everyday.

I stopped eating the stuff up untill now because I ran out of any dressing....

I've been eating food with soy sauce for 4 days now... and my face broke out today... I think they are connected.

ALSO I notice if I chew gum for a few days I will get pimples around my mouth... GUM CONTAINS SOY LICHTEN... a derivative of soy...

So, it sucks... but no more gum and no more soy!

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It mentions it affects people with asthma more.

I have asthma.

I'm 75% certain soy is the culprit to my recent breakouts.

In the winter I ate soy at least once every 2 days. It affected certain parts of me. Forehead, eybrows, and around the lips.

That's where I'm breaking out right now.

I think it's best for me to stay away from it.

Now I gotta eliminate gluten which is proving to be very hard.

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Soy sauce contains gluten!



And also, soy contains opioid peptides, similar to the ones in gluten and dairy, which alter hormones. Also it has lots of phytoestrogens...which also alter hormones...

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yea the gluten is hard at first but after awhile it is not too bad, i stay away from soy in general but if its soy lecithin i dont because its in almond milk, your best bet for cutting out gluten if you really love bread is find a health food store that sells gluten free bread or even a gluten free bakery! good luck

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So I started chewing gum again, and I have a few around my lips... I think it's from a certain type of gum that contains a lot of Soy Lichten... The Wrigley's 5 gum.

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