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The better my skin.. the more vain I become.

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There was a time when the condition of my skin didnt bother me, I knew I didn't have clear skin but didn't think there was anything wrong with it. Then, someone made an innocent reference to acne and said that I could relate. And I thought.. I have acne? I mean I knew I didn't have clear skin.. but acne? And then I started wondering if everyone noticed.

So I became obsessed with getting clear skin, and now six months later I have no active acne, and yet I am more vain than ever.

I get one pimple now and I can't handle it, I have red marks, and they overwhelm me. The worst part is that I notice other peoples skin now... something I never used to do. I am incredibly depressed over how much this has changed me.

Clear skin was supposed to make me happier and in several ways I am, but I hate the person I've become.

Has this happened to anyone else?

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I can sort of relate to this... I didn't become really worried about the way my skin looked until someone pointed it out for me how bad they thought it was (This person wasn't innocent in their intent either, they were really quite cruel). Like you, I also notice other people's skin more too now... I don't want to think I'm obsessed with my skin but I guess I've spent enough money and time on it that it has become a bigger problem than it perhaps should be. I did have a phase last year where my skin was clear and I did go crazy about just one but its become worse since then because of my reaction to what I'd basically regard now as nothing. So, right now I'm just trying not to think of how bad it is or how good it used to be, just trying to get through it because I know from experience over the years that it'll get under control in time.

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