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OK so I had my first visit with the Derm today...the two chicks told me that im a hardcore picker and i need to stop..they then told me FOOD HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ACNE. They told me to stop proactive, aspirin mask, sun tanning, eating healthy(haha), lemon juice, etc.

They then performed laser light shit on my scarred spots...it left purple marks or scabs. (NEED HELP WITH WHAT TO DO WITH THESE)

3 weeks before the Derm i started my regime (below)...i went from moderatley severe to mildish moderate acne.... i was so happy with myself and I had my acne managable enough to go out in public and chill with my friends and girls again...Finally i thought.... until these Derms totally killed my regime..they told me to stop all of it

They want me to do nothing but

-Use Differin Treatment

-Use Azeeno moisturizer with sbf 30

-Use male makeup?!?!??!


-should i CONTINUE with my regime? or

-listen to my Dermotologist and STOP to use THEIR regime?

PLZ HELP with ur past experiences

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It's really up to you. If you feel like what you were doing before was working, I'd say stick with that. I've been to many derms and sometimes they put me on stuff that (I think) made my acne worse...so they definitely are not always right.

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Im currently using Differin treatment and male makeup and im having great results after 9 agonizing weeks but hopefully itll be worth it by 12 weeks.

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Any dermatologist who says that diet plays no role whatsoever is remarkably unintelligent. We all know through personal experience that diet does make a difference. A dermatologist cannot tell you which diet is best because there simply are no conclusive studies. This is because diet affects everyone differently. Caffeine affects me, dairy products affect others... it's very much a trial-and-error process. My advice is not to change something that works. If your old regime was working, and your new one is not, then for heaven's sake go back! One thing that should definately help the clearing process is boiled or filtered water, and lots of it. At least that's one thing that dermatologists agree on!

Oh, and there's nothing wrong with make-up if it makes you feel better about yourself.

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thnx a lot guys

well differin is not doing anything really but im having the worse side effects ever...i dont see the pint in waiting months to see results when i could see 2 week results with almost any other solution...I also pigged out and drank the night after the derm since i was pretty mild/moderate by then and they told me diet had nothing to do with it...I broke out that night and following morning

Im still worried about switching back because my next visit with the derm will prolly be a bad one then wont it? they will think ive been using differin this whole time. I want to go back but The derms will be pissed and prolly shoot the laser treatments into my eyes.

they also made it sound like my old regime was dangerous and would backfire or something...idk wutsup or they jus wanted me to buy there products...

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