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who has doxy NOT worked for?

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for anyone who was on doxy and it didnt work for them, what progression of solutions did your dermatologist try? here's my deal...

-tried 1 pill of doxy per day for 6 weeks, and i was still breaking out.

-i'm currently on 2 pills of doxy per day, and i need to wait another 4-5-6 weeks to see if it works.

-if the 2 doxy pills per day doesnt work, my derm said we'll probably try mino.

-if the mino doesnt work, he said we'll go right to accutane rather than waste time playing with every antibiotic on the planet.

now, if my current situation of 2 doxy pills per day doesnt work, im considering skipping the mino and going right to accutane. i have mild-moderate acne, but its like, i have to wait another 5 weeks to see if this doxy works. then ill have to wait another 6 weeks to see if the mino works - at that point, itll be like 4-5 months since i first wanted to take a serious step to get rid of my acne. thoughts?

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I was on Tetra, doxy, mino and none of them worked for me. I was tkaing them in conjunction with Nicomide and either Tazorac or Azelex. We tried so many different combinations I can not remember them all. My body has, unfortunately, built up a resistance to those antibiotics and they are no longer effective for my acne. Since I am allergic to penicillin, this is NOT a good thing!!

I started Accutane Feb 2nd and my face is almost perfectly clear. I have 3 tiny zits. I am totally loving Acctutane!

Best of Luck!

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