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hey guys!

so I've done some research and finally realized that the only person that could help me with my acne is someone that has gone through the same products and regimens that I've gone through and has the same skin type as me... and I figured I'd find that someone here. Good thinking right? Haha, I sure do hope so.

So I started breaking out when I was in the 5th grade which was when I was 11.

ELEVEN!! it killed me. As I got older, the acne got worse and to this day (I'm seventeen now) it's still very bad.

Right now i have about 5 really big deeeep papsules all on my right lower cheek. My friends are constantly teasing me saying i have constellations on my face. haha, i guess it is just something i have to get used to.

I break out almost everyday. New ones always seem to appear on my upper lip which are the worst because it's like having a canker sore outside your mouth haha. grrrr. I used to break out a lot on the t-zone but now it's migrated to my upper and lower cheeks.

SO! the products i have used so far are:

La Roche Posay - did absolutely NOTHING. and it was about 40 dollars for the whole line. :wall:

Clean and Clear Acne Wash - Made my skin very dry to the point where i couldn't open my mouth to laugh. i love laughing..........

ProActive - It worked for the first week and then all of a sudden it was like i was washing my face with poison. The only thing that ProActive did for me was it made me break out even MORE.

Right now i'm using the Neutrogena Advance Solutions.

I've been using this for about 5 months now. It actually worked REALLY WELL and i had clear skin for about 3 months. But all of a sudden i'm starting to break out again and i don't know whether to stop and search once again for something that could replace this or keep using it and pray that i'll get clear skin again.

so who out there can give me some advice?

some words of encouragement?

who wants to be my hero? lol ;)

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ive used neutrogena advanced solutions. unfortunately it is only a temporary solution. if ur breaking out now i suggest u continue using it until ur clear again and then stop. i kinda just stopped cold turkey 'cause i was sick of using benzoyl peroxide. nothing bad has happened, yet and hopefully nothing will happen. to be honest, my skin is the same. i suggest u stop using this. the benzoyl peroxide will really do a number on your skin. my skin does not feel the same. it feel dry and leathery. right now im just using gentle soap and waiting for my skin to restore itself

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i think if u have mild-moderate acne the best thing to do is just accept it, and leave it alone. honestly ive tried like everything and it all comes back to wait to grow out of it

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[color=#000080] hey guys well i started doing neutrogena therapy system about a week ago,i was workin well for me still some red spots but was aright,but i received proactive that i had orderd befor christmas and i said to my selfe let tryin it might be better, after 2 days my skin looks so dry and red specially in the morning, i couldn't go to work i was so pissed i had to buy curel moistrizer to make it feel little better its been 1 day after i stopped using proactive and i went back to neutrogena it still some red spots and couple new breakout from f>k proactive but atleast feels better now.

hope it cleare up again so i can enjoy my life alittle,i guess was stupid mistake my acne is modr mild u know ,i started breakin out realy bad around 19 ,im 23 now and it still fk going i pray to god every night so it goes way,but its only day 3 with neutrogena hope it clears my skin. :angel:

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i love this product i can honestly say its the best product on the market better than proactive.i was using proactive and it did not work for shit this works fast without irritation it cleared up my whole face in a month and in 4 months all my blimishes were gone i love this product and im always going to sick with it.

so if your struggling with acne try this product i garentee you it will work

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