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Derm appointment soon, advice?

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I will keep this short..

I had clear skin up until January this year

Then I started getting painful cysts on my cheeks. Convinced it was stress or the makeup I was using

I kept trying different cleansers, makeup, pillow cases.. etc

When I saw that nothing was working I finally went to the doctor and she prescribed me Minocycline and a topical (clindoxly gel)

I've been taking it for the past 4 months and in a certain area on my cheek I still keep getting cysts close together when one heals another pops up plus some here and there. It IS a better than it was before but it isn't clear yet. I want to be clear by September because I'm starting university and Im sick of ugly skin

So I went back to the doctor and she was going to put me on the birth control pill I refused so she referred me to the dermatologist and my appointment is soon

Ive been doing research on the various acne medications and the thing is I want something to CURE me not something I'll have to keep taking for the rest of my life.

The reason I don't want to take the birth control pill is because of the weight gain involved

Antibiotics work for a while then when you stop taking them they come back worse.

I want accutane or something that will cure me and I wont have to keep taking or it'll come back worse.

I'm pretty sure the derm will try and give me a bunch of other stuff before giving me accutane

How do I tell her I don't want birth control (should I say why or will she think I'm anorexic because I'm on the small side and not consider accutane)

How do I make the point on the antibiotics?

Should I just flat out say I want to be cured, the cysts are painful and I dont want to have to keep talking pills for the rest of my life


How do you talk to a derm properly

Thanks in Advance

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I don't think you should have to defend a decision not to take the pill. When I was on the pill for years, I had horrible side effects (on multiple different pills), migraines, etc. I will never take hormones like that again, and if a doctor didn't respect my personal feelings about what I was or wasn't willing to put in my body, I would find a new one.

But that being said, you will probably not find a doctor who will give you an accutane prescription without also taking the pill. Not as part of your acne treatment, but because accutane can cause such horrible birth defects, doctors don't generally allow women to use it without taking the pill. So you'll probably have to decide whether it would be worth it to you to take the pill for at least the time you were on accutane.

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