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So this is my last post since ive managed to achieve clear skin without overdrying it or irritating it.

Anyway, like many people i will post what is working for me, but keep in mind that everyone skin and acne is different. So what works for me doesnt mean that is gonna work for you.

after stop using BP (clear skin, but dry and irritated sometimes) ive started using diacneal as my key to my regime. If you have mild acne you should try this. Diacneal its a 0,1% Retinaldehyde and 6% glycolic acid.

My regime: Morning - wash with effaclar k purifying gel and apply avene clean-ac hydrating (the products you use in this step can be of any brand as long the cleanser is mild and the moisturize is a good one)

Night - wash with effaclar k purifying gel and apply diacneal (thin finger only)

This may sound like to simple, but after years of trying different kind of products ive realize that the more simple your regime is the more effective it will be.

What to expect: Week 1 - acne starts to slowly fade away, pimples and acne marks slowly fade away (no irritation or dryness at least for me)

Week 2 and 3- Initial breakout, since my acne is mild it wasnt THAT bad, but this inevitable when using retinol

Week 4 and 6-Acne that appeared in the initial breakout start to fade away, a few pimples may still appear

Week 6+ - No new acne is forming and red marks are fading away pretty fast. Skin is soft and smooth, no dryness or redness.

Advantages/cons of this regime:

Advantages: Regime is pretty simple, doens't take much time to do it in the morning/evening

Diacneal is gentle, no irritation or dryness, and you dont need a prescription to buy it.

Very effective in mild acne (dont know how it will work on moderated acne)

Cons:Initial breakout that lasts 1-2 weeks.

Anyway, just want to thank everyone that helped me in this forum and Dan for creating a very usefull site. Good luck to you all =)

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