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Cysts aftermath: obvious RED marks..... Differin helps??

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I have had a huge breakout on my chin and forehead with cysts and normal zits. Now they are (almost) gone but the worst part: I have obvious red marks, some big, and that sucks of course.

I am using Differin and I was wondering: Is it wise to continue the Differin the heal my skin and fade the red marks OR does that stuff not help at all and should I treat it with something else????

Please help me out! :think:

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And another thing....I am still choosing between Differin and BP

So the same question .. If I use the BP (instead of the Differin) would that help healing my skin and the red marks or would that only damage my skin more??


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well differin is meant to help with redmarks, for me it didnt help me at all, infact it made me worse, however everyone reacts different to this gel which is why advise on it is so hard to give.

my advice is that if differin has worked for you then you should stick to it as it clearly works for you and will have you cleared up in no time.

if you think that it was the reason it helped your skin and has had no adverse effects on you (or you have just had effects simply recived from bp creams)

you should consider which is the best value for money, for example if your unemployed or in school in the uk you get prescriptions for free if you dont meet that criteria you have to pay around £14 per item, so in my case (if differin worked for me) and i thought that differin wasnt make that much differnce, it would be £10 cheaper for me to buy bp and would work just aswell

both differin and bp are meant to have the same effect with differin being much more effective

in both cases people have found that both products can damage there skin mostly if there not used right

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