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TCA complex! Patience

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k..i've been reading a lot how people want to jump concentrations so quickly without even trying the 6% first! You can't do that so quick..you're skin won't be able to tolerate higher concentrations without building up slowly first. Start low at 6%..then if u see that you have hit a plateau after months of treatment only then u should bump up the concentration. If you start jumping to 12.5% and higher right away you won't make you're skin any better than if had just used the 6% concentration first. Gradually build it up. You have to have patience. I know some of you get frustrated but it won't help any by wanting to burn you're face off. Julie said it took her 6 months before her red marks went away! But you have to do it smart..not just splashing high concentrations of acid on your face..wait a few dayz..and expect to see improvement. Just hang in there guys. Don't mean to be rude or anythin..but its jus the truth. You have to take 2 steps back ..before u can take 1 step forward..with anythin in life..anyways...good luck with TCA applications..just give it some time and I'm sure we'll see the results. I'm only on week 4..n jus finishing off the second cycle of peeling. But there's still many layers to go....first few layers is just the horney layers that comes off..then it starts to work more deeply...don't give up the TCA until at least 6-12 months. Only judge it then..not in the first 2-3 weeks.....once again good luck...

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im waiting until i have a couple of dayz off in a week or two to start the TCApeel i have never done it before i do gly acid peels like twice a week at 35% and it doesnt bother my skin at all it helped but i really wanna try this im kinda scared only because it suks to have to go to work and all with your face peeling so i thought i should wait til i have some time off so i can peel and hide out for a couple of dayz. is the peeling worst the first time?

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What strength peel will you be using? The TCA Complex peel?

It peels the same for me each time I use it. The 4th and 5th days after you apply it are usually the worst. So you might have to time it so that the peeling falls on the days you have off.

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