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My skin show progress after a week using BP.

Well, I used to wear makeup before on going this regimen.

I wondered can I still using makeup while using BP?

I'm a bit afraid that it will affect my skin progress.

Help me plz....

By the way, my usual makeup practice,

- Moisturizer + Foundation

- Concealer

- Compact Powder

- Eyeshadow + Mascara

- Lip gloss

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I don't think it will hinder your skins progress if you have skin-healthy makeup (as healthy as it can get, anyway), go as light as possible and wash it off in a timely manner

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Guest kiwikali

if you are going to wear any face makeup during the regimen, then make sure it's non-comedogenic and oil-free, and if it's not, i wouldn't risk it. this doesn't really apply to blush or bronzer and those probably won't break you out. eye makeup and lip gloss are fine of course, i'm assuming you don't get acne on your eyelids? lol, i don't think that's even possible.

i really like smashbox high definition healthy fx foundation

nars loose powder

they're really good! and haven't broken me out at all! my skin actually looks better. and the loose powder controls oil for a long time, so my skin isn't shiny until like midday which is great because i have very oily skin. but if you're skin is dry right now, i'd use a good rich moisturizer like jojoba oil or creme de la mer at night. and exfoliate!!!!

good luck

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be really careful about what you use as i think using a bad concealer really contributed to my continuing breakouts at the start of the regimen for me, have a look into mineral make up if you can as i think thats one of the safest out there

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I assume you are using the acne.org regimen? I had a tough time with the regimen and make-up in the first month. My make-up looked really cakey on me because of the flaking from the BP. I switched to Bare Minerals for a short while, but that didn't work out for me and my skin looked super-flaky and was irritated. It seems like the flaking is starting to subside now, though, so my old make-up looks ok again. I did start to use make-up primer as well, which is also helping with the flakes.

I don't think that wearing make-up will hinder your progress on the regimen, as long as you know that it wasn't irritating your skin in the first place. You may find that you won't want to use powder because it brings out the flakes, IMO. If I was you, I wouldn't change your make-up routine at this point. Let your skin get used to the regimen, moisturize extra if need be, and then fine-tune or make changes with your make-up as needed.

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:surprised: Well, thanx a lot for helping me....I've been using the regimen for like 3 weeks now...

I've been using my makeup as usual.

It's seems like my makeup practice actually not making me breakout...

It just that I'm facing a bit flaky skin that really scare me out.

But I am over it since I reduce the usage of BP to once a day only.

Thanx again! :dance:

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