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Picking and Popping!

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Hi all!

I was just wondering: Do you had any tips on how you stop yourself from picking at pimples? Or touching your face in general? (I'm a HUGE face toucher)

I know my skin would look a hundred times better if I would just QUIT!

Any tips, advice, or input is always appreciated!

Thanks and stay clear! :cool:

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Actually certain types of lesions respond really well and actually heal faster by giving them a good swift pop. There's some smart advice above under Acne Info on Popping a Pimple. A lot of it is just being smart about it and basically just "knowing your zits." ;)

But if you're like some who once you pop you can't stop, breaking the addictive habit can be tough. And touching your face. It's so easy to do and not really realize you're doing it if you're doing something else, like working or studying. I know I have a hard time with this one. There are members who often put out no-pick challenges and invite others to join in, so this may be something to look into by exploring some of the other forums, esp. the emotional/psychological forum.

Some quick advice I can offer is to keep your hands clean and nails short. Using Purell and keeping tissues at hand are also good moves. If you need to touch your face, try to do so through a tissue when possible, and Purelling your hands before you touch certainly wouldn't hurt either. Not sure how realistic this advice is, but it may help at least some of the time.

Hope this was helpful! :)

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I agree with the last post advising to keep tissues handy so you can touch your skin with them instead.

I tend to touch my face too because it's itchy and then get really worried that I've caused yet another spot.

On the subject of popping, I advise not to.

Sometimes mine burst accidentally. This morning it burst as I patted my face dry oh-so-gently with a towel. I doused it in tea tree oil straight away to try and disinfect it and stop bacteria from spreading. Not sure if it'll work though. I'll let you know in a few days.

Maybe try not to think of your spots. I know that when I intentionally pop one it's usually when I'm feeling really down and therefore I want to do something proactive to kill the depression, because it feels better than waiting around for creams to work on my spots. Maybe absorbing your concentration with a hobby would help distract you when you get a zinger that's itching to be popped? Just a thought.

Best of luck.

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I think the other gave you some good advice. I also think you may also need to find another activity to do with your hands when you get the urge to pick and pop. Maybe carry some bubble wrap in your pocket and pick and pop at that when you get the urge to mess with your face. I'm a nail-biter and it also a nasty habit to break. I sometimes need to bite or chew on something hard (like ice or nuts) to get my fix.

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