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At what age do we "change"?

I don't have bad acne. It's extremely mild. In fact, most people here would slap me across the face for even being on this site. I use a topical product from the derm on my problem areas (t zone) But they are virtually clear unless I neglect my diet.

I started puberty about when I about 12 years old. I'm 19 now. I have combination skin. My main annoyance is that obviously gets greasy only a few hours after washing with just water and cetaphil. It doesn't help that I sweat a lot either... the summer is brutal for my skin.

I'm so jealous of my friends and other people I'm around my age. They have no oil at all. They can go all day, party hard at night and not worry at all about the condition of the skin. I envy how they can not care about going straight out after work because they don't seem to feel dirty or greasy or anything like I do after a long day. Puberty isn't fair!

Does anybody know about what age your skin changes from being very oily to normal? The end of puberty basically?

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It's different for everyone...Some people need to wait until their late 20's to see their skin "change" and become more resilient and less oily...I'd say for most males it's mid 20's though but it definitely varies for everyone. Plenty of people in their 30's still have acne but it sounds like you don't have the hereditary type so you'll probably see a change within the next few years.

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Guest kiwikali

you know, i always wondered that...

but my mom is in her late 40's and she still has very oily skin just like me. her 50th birthday is coming up and when people here that they're like WTF? my mom looks 35, and it's because of the oily skin! she's a doctor not some dumbass, and this is what she told me so i assume she's right. people with dry skin or who smoke and don't take care of themselves age A LOT faster. she's also a vegetarian like me, so i'm sure that helped too. my mother never grew out of her oily skin, and that's why she has zero wrinkles. hopefully that's what will happen to me! now, yeah it sucks ass, but when all my friends are wrinkly and gross i'll still be hot and wrinkle-free!



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i've heard that every 7 years your body makes a copy of your organs, shedding the old one.

skin's an organ, so every 7 years should be a change.

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