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Someone Please Help, I'm Worried

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During the past 2 weeks or so i have noticed that on my Right arm pit i have gotten a swollen lump, during the days it has gotten bigger and now its starting to hurt, ive been on accutane for 9-10 weeks now, i did some research on this and this is usuaslly caused by bacteria or if you dont use any anti-prespretant, dont get me wrong here but i am a neat/clean freak i have to shower atleast 2-3 times a day and im a very clean person so i know its not that, i also read that this can cause cancer, im not medical expert or know anything about this, all i know if i have anyone- thing to blame it has got to be accutane, i dont see my derm again for another 2 weeks so i need you guys to help me out with any info you can dig out or know, please help me out i am very concerned

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Definitely. An MD is the person to go to if you have more than a minor annoyance. We can only offer some words of guidance and sympathy for the most part. We don't do well without pictures.

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It may very well be a swollen lymph node under your arm. They will sometimes go up if you hace a virus or your body is trying to fight off some sort of infection. However, you know your body best so if it is not going away, I would talk to your Dr.

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It usually takes decades for cancer to become noticeable, I think 30 years is the norm. So you can be 100% sure that your lump isn't cancer caused by Accutane.

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I get those occasionally and they usually last about a week. Those SOBs hurt, I can't shave and it hurts just to have my arm down. Yours has been around for 2 weeks....that seems long, at least based on my experience. If you do ask your doc, please let us know what he says, I'd be interested in knowing for sure what it is.

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