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My friend said that *THIS* thing has cleared his acne completely

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has anyone used a facial steamer before? my friend says it makes his skin glow, unclogs his pores and gives him a really fresh look...

heresa pic of it:



how would i use this thing? he doesnt do anyhting else but the steam

but should i also use a scrub afterward or some kind of bha/aha treatment?

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I totally own that thing, and have for like 10 years.

I really don't think it did a thing for my acne, which used to be mild back in the day. I think a hot compress over pimples (which my grandma recommended, har) works a lot better, though it can be irritating.

I actually found that the steam this stuff releases is VERY HOT. No joke. I have no problem with applying treatments that sting, and I usually dip my hot compresses in extremely hot water. It's bearable. But the steam from this machine literally made me feel like my face was burning off.

You could get a similar effect by boiling up some water in a good-sized pot then putting your face over the steam with a towel over your head, probably. And it'd be less irritating. Give that a shot before you shell out on that, I think it could be pretty pricey. And it hurts. You can have mine.

really? the people on amazon.com say that the steam is NOT enough! lol total opposite how weird.

can u control the temp of the steam on this machine?

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THE POT THING WORKS. IVE DONE IT A BUNCH OF TIMEs. U JUST BOIL THE WATER AND PUT A BIG BLANKET OVER U AND ITS BASICALLY LIKE A SUANA. (no idea if i spelled tht right). yea i agree dont waste ur money on something u cud do at home.

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