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My Accuante (Claravis) Log, god help me. Update as of: Everyday.

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Well i guess it was a stupid idea to start this so late. Today is the 10th day of my Claravis journey. I'll try to keep my posting short and sweet, while still posting daily. The first 9 days will be a little bit of a blur since i unfortunately cannot remember that vividly.

Background Info:

16 Years Old, Male, cystic acne but still relatively moderate. Cysts come in pairs, once every two weeks or so. Otherwise i'm constantly breaking out in less-serious pimples, but in very high volumes. Bottom Line: My acne (whatever type) may be compared to bubbles in a strip of tape. You pound out one and immediately after, another one springs up. This has been happening for as long as i can remember.

Why I Chose Accutane?

I didn't really have a choice. Topicals didn't work, my acne's very stubborn, and i had an allergic reaction to Tetracycline. Here i am.


20mg/day for the first month. God knows what for the remainder of the course. Kinda upset about the low dose, oh well.


Here it goes.

Day One

I feel pretty optimistic. Skin looks the same, a little oilier than usual however.

Day Two:

Same as Day One, i think i can see a few coming to the surface.

Day Three:

They're here, i think i'm starting the IB early. Frown.

Day Four:

Skin's getting a little drier, IB is moderate. Lips are starting to chap.

Day Five:

IB in full swing. Scary amounts of acne on my upper lip, everything else is fading though, hmm...

Day Six:

IB has started to affect other areas around my mouth, we'll see how it goes.

Day Seven:

IB has gotten much worse. Not too happy today, nothing's looking up. Not looking towards my family's 4th of july party, i might not even go. Out of despair i dabbed some of my previously prescribed Differin onto my face with high hopes.

Day Eight:

Upper lip acne gradually starting to fade, happy about that. However everything else has progressively gotten worse. Maybe another IB from the Differin? Skin is unbearably dry around my nose and starting to crackle. I'm tired all the time and everything is pretty much awful. Desperately trying to stay optimistic. Last night of Differin, never should have started.

Day Nine:

Upper lip acne came back a tiny, should clear up soon since nothing's too big. Differin stopped since my skin's more fragile than thin glass. I can't take the dryness anymore, i just can't. I broke down and ordered a $59.99 jar of BioSkinCare Cream sent express to my house for a grand total of $74.95. They seem like they know what they're talking about, and i'd try anything to give my skin a break. Used my normal Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, but added a different moisturizer. Eucarin something or other tonight.

Day Ten: (First Real-Time Update)

Can't really decide if my skin's better or worse. Areas around my mouth are clearing up/shrinking at a glacial pace, but i think i'm getting somewhere after discontinuing Differin. Checked online and my BSC Moisturizer hasn't shipped yet, pretty depressing. My face is extremely sore and really needs a break. I'm trying to keep my chin up, but it's incredibly heavy and i'm just about in the middle. I shed a tear out of frustration when i look in my mirror. I hate moisturizers. They help, but they make everything look red and greasy. Ugh. Definitely not going to the 4th of July party, not sure how to explain that one to my 'rents. Lips are really starting to get irritating, using Blistex Lip Infusion every 2 minutes or so to keep it at bay. I'd switch to something more potent, but this stuff tastes damn good and has a metal ball applicator tip that always feels cold and soothing. As of right now i'm pretty fucking stressed. Pulled my lower back moving a TV, and i wouldn't normally have. I'm sure Accutane contributed to that. I'm just trying to imagine myself in the future. I can't stop researching the ending times of the typical IB, because my family is coming up for the first time in years on July 26th, so i hope to look a lot better (not completely clear) by then. Reading about IB's is making things worse. Some people's last months, some people's last weeks. Really looking for support, and since i'm too embarrassed to let anyone know what i'm taking, this may be the only place i'll find it. Kind words please, folks. I'm out.

All other updates will be posted as they come, farther along in the thread.

Suggestions/Tips/Advice/ANYTHING More Then Appreciated.

Thanks for reading,


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hey mate im on day 19 and my IB kicked in a few days ago, its awful! I hate accutane right now but im optimistic it will be worth it in the end! At the moment though I want to go in to hyper sleep and wake up a few months down the line!!!!! And these red marks, why cant we heal like lizards!!!

arrrgh hang in there mate keep us posted! We will all soon clear together I hope!

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i'm confident it'll work, and you seem so too! good attitude.

IB's really a killer, and frankly... i could sleep for a few months, :D This damn medicine in one way or another keeps me tired all day, every day. Oh well, the ends justify the means.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

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Hi, I just posted too!! I hear you...

Im going to look and see what IB is unless you want to fill me in quickly!!!

I started 6days ago... had my first tears yesterday... Iv done this before about 4 years ago and I begged my dermatologist to let me stay on it the extra month but he wouldn't let me otherwise I think I would have been clear. The day I saw him I had perfectly clear immaculate skin despite still getting the odd breakout but he wouldn't listen!!! Disheartened me totally so thats why its taken me so long to get here again!!!

I forgot how gross the side effects are. My lipbalm of choice at the moment is cherry carmex although I left it at work! So currently have a roc one one as it is my bedroom one, in the kitchen is nivea hahaha got them stashed all over the place!!! AAAAGH it hurts!!!

Its bloody awful isnt it??

As for your moisturiser? Im using 100% aloe vera gel at the moment. Its natural so it makes me happier about using it. Soothing cos they use it on burns and sun burn etc so I figure it will be good for any redness. Also it isn't greasy so my skin doesnt feel heavy.. its kinda nice. Im not sure if its going to be soothing enough when this really gets going... but I also then have emu oil which I use on a night. I was using these any way and they seem to be ok (one of those things where you use them for a bit and then stop and find them again!!)

Emu oil is actually really good. I put it on to sleep in and if you read about it its not a greasy kind of oil. As I say I was using it anyway and it seems like a contradiction to put an oil on to greasy skin but its amazing stuff. Takes a while to soak in thats why I use it at night but then your skin is so soft and again not greasy.

I use 100% australian and reading around on here the stuff you get from the states can contain stuff other then emu oil in it so try and get an ozzy one if you are gonna go for it...

Good luck, will keep checking in to see how you doing! :D

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initial breakout.

a synonym for one of the worst, most discouraging things anyone will ever experience.


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lol, IB is a damn good thing though. we have a love hate relationship. just picture it as all your future breakouts combined into one hellhole of a 2-3 week period.

either way we need an update.

Day Eleven:

Woke up entirely too early, 5am'ish. Felt my face a little and it felt damn awful. Checked in the mirror and almost died, but i must've been seeing things. My IB had started to break down, at least minimally. I put on my semi-optimistic face, downed a glass of water and went back to sleep feeling a tiny bit better. Woke up again and felt alright, i guess. I've got two cysts brewing under the skin on my chin, that pretty much sucks. I've got the entire day to rest and clean myself up. I'll apply the world's shittiest moisturizer and attempt to get on with things. I've cleaned up my diet a bunch in order to flush out the crap in my system. I've substituted candy for fruit, added a salad to pretty much anything and everything along with cutting the fried foods. Edit: IB's still suck. I feel better in the morning, and it progressively gets worse as the day goes on. At least i feel alright.

Day Twelve:

Ended up not going to that damned party today, oh well. I let my skin sit a day without moisturizer so it doesn't have any affect on my skin before BioSkinCare does, which i'm very excited about and comes tomorrow. Surprisingly my skin isn't painfully dry, although it was in the morning. I also haven't picked/popped today or yesterday and i'm feeling pretty good about that. My chapped lips have started to heal thanks to Blistex Lip Infusion, through many many applications. As of right now my upper lip is really healing quite well, everything is gone except for 2 healing ex-actives. All my other acne is concentrated around my mouth but not on my chin, and it's all healing slowly but surely. Everything there has come down in size, and only one or two small ones popped up today. Those awful cysts on my chin have started to deflate, and i'm overjoyed by that because they were too damn painful. Still experiencing minor back pain, but it's because of the hard work i've been doing lately. I'm also proud to say that i'm really keeping with my diet. I'm still substituting fruit for candy, and i had a delicious Chicken Cesar Salad for dinner tonight. I've also began bringing water back into my life. I've never really liked it too much because of it's lack of taste, but i'm aware it's quite beneficial. No more soda for me! I'm really optimistic right now, and because of the BioSkinCare Cream i'll be using i'm confident my IB will continually fade until it's completely gone. I'd like to see some more readers if possible :D If you're reading this, thanks. I'm out for tonight, super excited to see what i look like tomorrow. So far, Accutane has made my face look worse, but i'd support the product any day even if my treatment ended today. Knowing that something is always in your body fighting what you hate the most is a great feeling, and whether or not the next morning brings good or bad, you've always got something to look forward to. I'm generally happier since i started my treatment, and i think i really like where this is going. Thanks Claravis, i'm a new person already.

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Day Thirteen:

Woke up to see the IB really starting to die down. I know i don't look great, but from where i used to be i'm looking fantastic in my own eyes. I really hope that'll be the last IB i have, because i'm upping my dosage a few days before family comes to visit, so i'm pretty worried. Oh well, i'll stay optimistic, it's more fun. Anyways, my BioSkinCare didn't come today, extremely bummed about that. Apparently DHL doesn't deliver on Saturdays. So i was sitting around all day dry as hell, until my mom came back from the store. She apparently spotted Cetaphil out of the corner of her eye and bought some just incase i needed a refill. I was using Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, she bought Cetaphil Facial Cleanser. I was actually pretty psyched, it sounded like it might do a little better of a job and it came with a pretty big tube of UltraHydrating Moisturizer, which was a godsend for me. I went upstairs, used the cleanser (quite pleasant) and slapped on some of the Moisturizer. Roughly 20 minutes later i looked in the mirror and the Moisturizer had stripped away all the dry skin patches of flaky grossness to reveal significantly clearer skin. I immediately felt relieved and the rest of the day was a breeze. I popped my pill with dinner, went out, got home and used the Cleanser, slapped the Moisturizer on and hit the sack. Pretty good day i must say.

Day Fourteen: 2 Weeks!

I woke up this morning to see yet another decrease in those chin cysts. Not much else changed, but everything is slowly fading and healing. I'm satisfied with my progress right now, and i'm definitely looking on the bright side. More to come, since it's only 2:50.

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Day Fifteen:

BioSkinCare came today! Pretty excited. Immediately went up and washed the previous moisturizer off, and smeared some of this stuff on. It comes in a brilliant glass jar, worth the 75.00 or whatever i paid, i guess :D Anyway, i immediately saw improvement, even over the Cetaphil Moisturizer i was using. It actually moisturized, deep too. I could actually smile, yawn, etc. without ANY part of my face hurting! It's really healing me up too. My IB's still fading, almost gone! 101% better than i was a few days ago. Anyway that's about it, sorry for a short one!

Day Sixteen:

BioSkinCare still seems to be helping! Whiteheads have gone down from about 10 to 2 over the past few days, and BioSkinCare has demolished ALL inflamation. Just bumps now. Upper lip is 99% healed, and around my mouth is really coming along. Should see a complete clearing in around a week from now. My skin's really been feeling better, and i'm super glad. I had a small cyst that somehow swelled half my face up, but it popped about a minute after i woke up and all the swelling was gone. Now it's just a tiny pink dot, weird. My family's starting to compliment me on my progress. My mom said instead of looking like i have a real problem, i now just look like 90% of teenagers. Overall and most importantly, I (Me, Myself, etc) can tell that i'm improving, and that's what really counts. My skin clearing is sweeping in from the sides of my face, towards the center. The sides/cheeks are completely clear, and feel like skin i haven't felt in years. I'm really excited! Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Night!

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hey I'm starting my accutane tomorrow and just wanted to offer my support! and btw, where can you find bioskincare?

good luck!

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