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Ok so Im new to this...

Can somebody explain what I need to do the regime?

Im currently 6days into a 6month roaccutane treatment. 2nd time around as I did it 4years ago. Turning into a walking side effect and TOTALY fed up already. Had 2 nosebleeds and managed to rip my nail off the bed today by pressing my roaccutane pill out of the pack... guess Im a bit more fragile at this stage then I was expecting to be! It really hurts, Im fed up already and its my birthday in a week, decided after waiting 8 weeks just to get the damn tablets that I might as well start them rather than celebrate my birthday. Im 26 anyway, its all down hill hahahaha!

I am frightened of using anything on my face thats going to aggrevate it... Im very confused as to what Im supposed to have and be doing... (Iv been reading lots of posts and got myself totally lost!!!)

Currently I use asso gold bar to wash with, and 100% aloe vera gel as a moisturiser. I use emu oil to moisturise before bed.

Im about to run out of the gold bar and it has proven very nice to wash my face with but didnt really clear my skin any!!! It doesnt aggrevate my skin, the aloe gel seems ok too, again not really clearing anything up but it doesn't make my face greasy during the day which is always a bonus.

Im not sure whether to stick with what Im doing as the drugs will clear my skin up and what Im using is pretty natural and mild... or to do the regime and try to make sure it goes away this time...

Anyone got any advice/suggestions/product info?


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