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Well its naerly a year to the month that I started to get acne on my face. Initally it was very very very mild, but I kind of knew my skin was changing as my shoulders laready had a bit of acne.

So I started by treating my mild acne with clearsil products but as my acne gre worse it became clear I would need something stronger. So I went to the doctor and got Pan Oxyl 2.5% Aquagel, by now my acne was starting to worsen and I didnt really give the Aqualgel time to work before I had switched to Dans Regimen. Dans regimen did not work for me so I switched back to Aquagel 2.5% and slowly my acne was worsening still but the Aquagel was helping.

My next step was to get Doxycycline antibiotics from the doctor as my acne on both my back and face had become quite severe. This was late last year, probably December. I am on 100mg per day.

Febuary was my all time worse for acne, I had a massive bad breakout on my face but carried on with my treatment of both 100mg per day antibiotics and 2.5% Aquagel. Then my sking began to slowly improve but kind of got to a state and stayed there ( at this point I was not treating my Bacne )

So then I told my doctor I wanted to get a higher strength BP, So I was given Pan Oxyl Alcohol based Acnegel 5% to try.......WOW WOW WOW. I have been on this stuff for about 5 weeks and Im acne free with the red marks nearly all gone. I went to see a Dermatologist and they asked why I was even there!!! ( I had arranged the appointment 3 month earlier, but had to wait all that time to see them, by which time I had cleared up!!!! )

So this is my regimen, I only wish I had used the Acnegel 5% earlier!!!:

Wash face with Simple ( colour free etc ) soap in a bath and soak skin in the hot water

Get out and pat face dry

Wait 15 mins

Apply Acnegel 5%

Now Im going to start treating my back which is still quite bad, but has improved with the antibiotics. I will treat my back with Head and Shoulders first, then if that doesnt work a 10% Acnegel, as the skin is thicker on my back!

Go on, give Acnegel 5% a go. And try and get on antibiotics.

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