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How do you use jojoba oil as makeup remover?

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I've been reading posts saying that they use jojoba oil as makeup remover? What are the steps to do it? I tried it before, but very very greasy....not sure it cleaned my makeup or clogged my pores.... need to wait for awhile to see if I will get any acne... Here is what I did

1. clean and dry hands.

2. put jojoba oil and massage on my dry face with makeup on

3. wet my facial sponge and wipe my face

4. my face is still very very greasy at this point. I continue splash water on my face....still very greasy

5. use Cetaphil cleanser to wash my face again

6. use toner and cotton pad wipe my face. I can still see some dirt on the cotten pad....

7. I think at this point, my face is clean, but surely my skin does not feel "fresh"....

What did I do wrong? I used DHC cleansing oil before, and once I washed off the cleansing oil with water and my facial sponge, the oil turned into milky form and my face never never felt greasy...

Can anyone share how do they use jojoba oil as makeup remover, please? Thank you!

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Jojoba removes makeup well, but I also noticed it does leave a residue. I also prefer a cleansing oil made to rinse clean, like DHC's.

Jojoba is better for moisturizing, IMO.

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^agreed. i tired using jojoba oil as a make-up remover for awhile too, and it just didn't work out for me. i also prefer a cleansing oil, but i use mac's cleanse off oil.

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I tried it. It was not as lovely as I expected. My cleanser gets most of the makeup off, though. I don't wear eye makeup, just a TM (that doesn't match. grr).

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I have used DHC oil makeup remover but I got zits around my eyes and had to stop. The Jojoba does not break me out around the eyes. I put warm water on my face before I use the oil,

put a dot on my eyes and gently massage in, then wash with Acne.org cleanser briefly spreading over eyes and quickly rinsing. I do not use any waterproof eye makeup and I can only use a mineral make up with no preservatives. I don't use Jojoba on my face because the cleanser takes the mineral face

powder off so easy.

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The key to using most oils as makeup removers is to remember that they are not water soluble.

When I use an oil as a makeup remover, I:

-Apply it to my DRY face with DRY hands.

-Massage it until I see the makeup dissolving

-Wipe clean with a tissue, toilet paper, paper towel, cotton pad, ANYTHING that is dry.

Water will not fully get the oil off your face, as molecularly, they do not connect with each other.

Wiping with a dry implement is the only way to get oil off your face. If you have a slight residue left, follow with your regular cleanser.

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thanks, 'headtrip_honey!

Now it makes much more sense to me. I gotta try it again with your steps. Thanks!

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Gotta agree with head trip honey about that jojoba oil is not water soluble. Most of the time you want to get rid of the makeup by using a dry towel. I wouldn't use water at all. You want to make sure that you skin is completely dry and make sure sure that you hands are also dry. Any water added to this process is going to make it messy. I personally like a eye makeup remover called Albolene which is made with jojoba oil and reacts exactly how honey trip decided.  I use it for my waterproof mascara that is gets rid of it flawlessly. I never have breakouts as long as I don't switch products. I mainly stick with jojoba oil with all of my products and encourage others to do the same. If you are interested in a new product that is designed to take off makeup around the eyes, check out Albolene eye makeup remover. They are offering free samples now as we speak. :) 

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I've been using jojoba oil as a moisturizer for awhile now so I wanted to try using it to remove my makeup. I also don't react to coconut oil. Want to try doing nothing to my skin, but as someone who wears makeup and has to go out for classes and other obligations, I can't just sit at home! I hope this works. My foundation is pretty heavy duty though, so I have my doubts. Can jojoba oil remove makeup as well as coconut oil?

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