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Havent posted in a while

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I used to come to these forums often, trying to find help for my acne. I had what I would call moderate/semi severe acne since I was 12 years old..

I no long have any facial acne(aside from the occasional small bump thats gone over night with a simple face cleanser..and thats maybe 1-2 a month that arent even noticeable).

Accutane was the best decision that I've made in a while. I suffered from acne for nearly 10 years..for the first time in my life, I can honestly not be depressed when I look at myself in the mirror.

The side effects are real..but the only ones I got were dry lips, dry skin..the dry lips are NOT as bad as people make them out to be..Really, its not that bad.

If you are considering Accutane, it did change my life...I'm riddled with some scarring on the sides of my cheek, a few of them are pretty deep - where I used to pick at my skin. But..Its not that bad and over time they will get better and I could do treatments if I want..I also have some post acne red marks...but those are healing up.

It's a great product, but you have to watch your diet, no junk foods. My tyrglercides were always in check because I watched what I ate - you HAVE to do this if you are going on this medication. Your diet can effect your tryglercide count by up to 200 points(Mine spiked from 200 to 497 one month because I decided that drinking cokes constantly and not eating healthy would be a good idea..it isn't). I changed my diet and it dropped back to 200...so keep this in mind.

Will I go on accutane again if I have to? Yes I will..Do I think I might have to in the future? Possibly but for now my skin is clear for the first time in 10 years...I do still have slight shoulder acne, but I never worried about it much, just the facial acne..my back was never that bad - few spots here and there..

Anyway, I hoped this helped someone. :)

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