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I have this great book called Parasites the Enemy Within.

And it lists all the different symptons that each group of parasites cause.

E.g. Round Worms

Grinding teeth at night

Intestinal gas




Digestive disturbance



Weight gain around full moon (sometimes 7-8lbs.)


(symptoms of slow and insidious)




mentallly slow



may have abdominal pains with nausea

indigestion and diarrhea

they are the only worms with teeth

Dog Heartworm

live in the gut of mosquito and are passed from hosst to host through its bite


mineral imbalance

thyroid imbalance

intestinal gas

high and low blood sugar



fluid build up during full moon

Sighns of parasites

chronic fatigue

immune dysfunction



gas and bloating




In Dr. Clark's book she mentions an allergy to wool and I use to be able to wear wool for the longest time and then it started to bother me an unbeilvable amount and I couldn't even tolerate a small amount until I did a few parasite cleanses. Now I can wear wool without scratching all of my skin off of my body!

Another incident was when I bought an organic rubber mattress wow I couldn't even go into my bdrm. the first day that it came. (there was no offgassing, but it sure did do a number on me)

Major heart palipitations, chest pains and exhausted adrenals.

Until I did some major cleanses I had to put that mattress away for awhile.

(air cleaner didn't help, nor did a carbon blanket...for some reason I thought that it would of made a difference....)

Since then I ended up buying an organic coil mattress and put the rubber one into the spare room, which I can now finally sleep on, but prefer the coil now!

I think for me parasites are a major issue and never ending if I don't stay on a mantaince program. :boohoo:

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Mosquitoes are ALWAYS tearing me up in the Summer... that bit you posted about them is interesting, Ima have to read deeper

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