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So im going to the derm next friday and i wanted to get ur guy's opinion on my acne. I was going to ask her to prescribe me azelex...does anyone have experience with this and whether or not u think it will work for me...

Just for reference i was prescribed RAM .04% and benzaclin in january of 2007 and it work great but as you can see from the photos my face is still quite red and irritated after having stopped the use of them about a year ago

and also can u give me an idea on what type of acne i have (mild, moderate, severe, etc.)









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I think you need an antibiotic and a topical. Azalex is pretty gentle and for me it has taken awhilte to work but I like it. I have been on bactrim and azalex 7 weeks. I am not getting cysts like I was and many pimples have cleared but I still have pink spots. It is taking a long time for them to go.

One derm has suggested I try differin .3 (I had tried .1 before and it did nothing for me)...but I decided to stick with the azalex longer before trying the .3. I also tried Solydyn and other antibiotics before Bactrim and they did not work for me. I have really sensitive skin. So I think it depends on your skin type etc. I also have small whiteheads on my forehead so now I am using finacea on my forehead and azalex on my cheeks. I did that for the first time last night and my forehead looks better. They are both azelic acid but the one is cream and the other gel based.

As I said azalex seems pretty gentle, maybe your skin can handle something stronger and that might work better for you. Have to ask your derm.

Good luck!

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