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My Dr kind of left me hanging here...

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My Dr also said, oh those other treatments wont work, just accutane... cystic acne. yes i do get occasional cysts... i was thinking he would start me on at least birth control or something... but it was more like he was running away from me (as if my face scared him) and saying its going to be hard finding a derm to take medicaid and good luck finding one. Im like... yeah I know, i called around yesterday. Either they arent taking new patients OR medicaid... or both... The nurse there called 2 places for me and they both told her no... she gave me a number of a hospital and told me to ask for their derm department. Im on charity care at one hospital and it expires in a year from now i believe... so if they have a derm department I think I can go there!

So... guys... how do I figure out where to find a derm? The number on the back of my card isnt helpful. I spent a half an hour on that one number (almost talked to a live person once but they hung up, then i got totally lost in their millions of menu choices and couldnt hit 0 either) and about a half hour on the website trying to find a derm to go to... their site is inaccurate because the listings on tehre said open to new patients and when i called it wasnt.

Would you recommend me going to a phonebook and dialing around? I will ask my cousin and aunt tonight...

My dr then said... well you can pay out of pocket. Hello! Im on medicaid!!! IM POOR RIGHT NOW!!!! RAH!!!

Any help would be nice... thanks.

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Have you tried GOOGLE?? You can almost find anything on GOOGLE, sorry to hear that the best of luck to you!

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After I finish painting today and dropping my car off at the shop, Ill search and search and search... I tried keywords like Dematologist New Jersey Medicaid... but this was on yahoo. Ill try to google it. Thanks!

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