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Finacea as a replacement for BP?

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I've been using 2.5% BP nightly for quite a while with fairly good results. But now that I'm using Diacneal, and want to eventually move to using the Diacneal every night instead of every other night, that leaves me with using the BP in the day or cutting it out all together. I'm afraid to cut it out of my routine, but I also don't love using stuff that increases sun sensitivity during the day; even though I wear sunscreen I do sometimes find myself having to dash out the door for a few minutes before I've applied it with a dog or a 4 year old :) And I also just don't love the idea of using BP long term, Finacea seems preferable as far as long term effects go. But, will it work as a BP replacement? I know that it has some antibacterial properties, but enough to dump the BP?

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I used finacea gel (15%) for 2 weeks, sadly it didnt stop me from breaking out. It dried up some spots a bit and does help reduce the redness of marks & make the face lighter, but if you find BP effective then im not sure you'll get the results you need from finacea. I do know that you can buy a 20% gel- skinoren which is meant to do the same things but might be better at fighting acne.

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