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really really oily skin

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Ok, I have really really REALLY oily skin. I'm wondering if I should still use the moisturizer? I have to use it on my neck, I'm already seeing some drying there, but after about a week on my face, I'm not at all drying out. I'm still an oil slick. Should I just go and use the moisturizer anyway with the hope that my oil production might be from lack of moisture? Or should I skip the moisturizer?

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While this may not help you, I really like FOTE Aloe gel (also heard good things about Lily of the Desert) for a moisturizer. It keeps oil WAY down and prevents the skin from drying out and flaking.

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I have the same problem. Try using a little Neutrogena on the Spot on your forehead and nose. If you also use Dan's BP, you could even try mixing the 2 before applying to give it the same consistency and absorbency. I've tried this and it works pretty well. NOTS contains oil absorbers, making it an ideal product for people with oily skin. I use NOTS on work days, and find it keeps my skin pretty comfortable most of the day. Not oil-free but at least manageable.

BTW, oily skin is not necessarily hydrated skin, so I would consider moisturizing at least a couple times a week, altho ultimately it's whatever works best for you. Dan's moisturizer esp. contains a lot of healthful properties that would benefit any skin type.

Hope this was helpful! :)

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