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2.5 weeks in accutane, millions of bumps (pic inside)

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Hi I started tane 2 and half weeks ago and my skin is no longer oily, im hardly breaking out except the odd pimple and my skin is definitely more fragile. What concerns me is that I have millions of tiny bumps around my nose and sides of my nose and a few in my cheeks. Mainly tey are around my nose and on top of my nose. They can't be seen normally but only if i stretch my skin and am very close up. This picture doesnt do justic, I have many more like these on my nose. I wanted to know what they are and if this is because of tane and also whether they will come out??? im really concerned and worried :(



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Those will eventually go away. All of the gunk in your pores is drying up and being expelled. Accutane is a slow working drug so it'll take some time for all of it to come out.

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its encouraging to know that others have similar problems. I am sure your right Siava it will take time to expel but atleast I know its working! Hey sammy im only 3 days behind you!!

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Hi Sid99,

Thanks for stopping by my regimen log and showing me support! I will definitely be ducking and dodging anything that looks like depression! I hope things continue to go well on your journey. I’m not sure about the tiny bumps you are experiencing around your nose, but I attribute every weird thing to That Pill, even if I shouldn’t. I’m sure things will clear up soon, so don’t be concerned. Worry only makes things worse.


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