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a good site for make up

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This site should give interestings informations about make up:


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God, I wonder how much of this is true for me. I wonder if every time I break out around the lip area its because of wearing lipstick! Has anybody discovered that lipstick causes them to break out in the lip and chin area???

Have any of you stopped wearing makeup for awhile and noticed a difference in your skin?

The link to the article is a .pdf file -- Karen you need Acrobat Reader on your computer. If you don't have it go to:



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If you still can't download it -- here's part of the article:

The beauty and health of the human skin is being undermined by one of the biggest campaigns ever waged in the

history of merchandising. Every day on television, radio, magazine and newspapers, we are encouraged to put aside

basic skin care ingredients like soap and water in favor of such complexion "aids" as cleansing creams, night

creams, daytime moisturizers, face foundations and rouges.

While some people have skin capable of withstanding the damaging effects of cosmetics, an estimated 30% of all

cosmetic users have skin which is acne prone. Women and men alike, in their teens, twenties and even early

thirties, are potential candidates for cosmetic acne. The condition is characterized by many elevated small

whiteheads appearing over the cheeks and chin and sometimes the forehead. While cosmetic acne seldom leaves

scars, it can be unsightly, persistent and troublesome.

The skin's pores have a tough time dealing with the skin's own oil sebum, so rubbing in more irritating oils is one of

the worst things you can do. Even people who are not acne sufferers can actually develop acne through the use of

their cosmetics. Since cosmetic acne usually appears subtly after several months of repeated use of a comedogenic

(acne producing) product, many women do not connect their outbreaks with the given product. The woman with

cosmetic acne is in a vicious cycle; the more she breaks out, the more make up she uses to cover it up... which only

leads to more blemishes.

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Yeah, it's really interesting, and i think the most important thing is that it gives you informations about what ingredients are more comedogenic and unsafe for your skin.

It also says that this foundations and creams are the best for acne surferers:


-almay fresh look oil free

-clinique pore minimizer

-elizabeth arden oil free make up

-flori roberts dermablend

-lancome maqui controle

-vivant fluid fondation


-alboline lotion

-shepard's cream

-lubriderm lotion

-mineral and petrolatum oil

-safflower and sunflower oil

-vivant moisturizer

Anyway avoid foundations and moisturizers with lanolin, isopropyl myristate, isopropyl isosterate, cocoa butter, oleth 3..and many more..you should read the site!

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when i started this regimen i stopped wearing foundation. mostly in part because i noticed in myself and other people that skin looks better without it. foundation seems to make things look worse. especially acne. and i did the oil migration test on my makeup that i thought was good. almay skin stays clean that is dermatologist recommended oil free etc....wow. the oil in it startled me. i didn't think that oil ring on the paper would ever stop growing! it was big! i couldnt detect the ingredient that was causing it though. then for kicks i did this on alot of other foundations just to see. the only ones that didn't spread was mattique by loreal, airwear by loreal and cliniques clarifying foundation. i was mortified. the makeup i was using for years was a horrible one and was contributing to my acne. i do still wear pressed powder but it's sheer and recommended by the zerozits site as well as the acnecurebook site.

i do break out around my lips at times but not so much when i wear a lipliner to keep in the greasy lipstick. girls, we have battle on our hands when it comes to makeup. we have to be so careful with that. it also sucks when you want to order something off the internet and they don't post their ingredients.

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I posted a question to you on another thread but it was old so I doubt you received it.

My question is where do get the "biotherm compact matifiant colorless blotting powder with white clay" you rave about? I googled and I can't find it.

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If you already have acrobat reader but still have difficulty opening the link (as I always do) here's what to do:

1. Right-click on the link.

2. Select 'save target as...'

3. Select folder you want it saved in.

4. Save!

You should be able to go to the folder and open the .pdf file from there.

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