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Jane Iredale mineral makeup

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I think that the best makeup for any skin (especially for acne, scars and sensitive skin) is JaneIredale. I use the powder mixed with a chemical free sunscreen.

And apply it with Jane Iredale's sponge.

The sunscreen is also extremely awesome for people with sensitive skin, acne, etc...

It's by Cotz and the name comes from the ingredients the company uses...contains only titanium and zinc. It's extremely clean, meaning no funky chemicals in it. (chemical free sunscreen fillers)

I like combining it with my powder that way I'm sure to get major sunscreen in. (important for protecting blemishes from sun, because it can scar from sun)

Then during the day instead of reapling sunscreen I just brush on the powder, it has an spf of 20.

And the cotz has an spf of 58 or 65!

Jane Iredale makeup is usually sold in plastic surgeons office and dermatologist as with the Cotz sunscreen or I think one can buy it online too

I've been using these products for almost 5 yrs. now.

And because the mineral makeup is just that (clean) it won't clog ones pores or cause breakouts.


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I love Jane Iredale makeup :catdance::banana: Ive been using it for just about 2 years now. It's really great.. except the price! lol. It does last me a long time tho so that makes up for it :)

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Does it dry out your skin? I find that EM sometimes dries out my skin. I've looked online at a few of the products, and it looks like a good makeup. How do you choose a color? Im really light skinned, but you never know....

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No it doesn't dry out my skin because i moisturize before i put it on. I'm sure they'd have one that suits your color perfectly. Usually, make up looks kinda orange on me since im so fair.. but not this one :cool: I get it straight from the derm..they were even nice enough to put samples of the make up on my skin to see which color matched the best. Anyways, it'd be better if you could get it in person so you can try some on beforehand.

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